Friday, May 4, 2012

Photo Friday: Travel Tomfoolery.

Top row: "So I guess I didn't lose this after all..."
Bottom row, L to R: Passing time at the airport; the only photo I managed to remember to take
while in NJ; my Blue Fridays acknowledgement.
To further explain the top photo...

Most of the way through eating breakfast in the hotel's restaraunt on Tuesday morning (where I was served the biggest portions of scrambled eggs and bacon that I've ever seen... really, it was like a mountain of bacon), I reached into my purse to check in with Jim, my Dexcom receiver.

Rumble rumble rumble... clink clank clink (that's me shaking the contents around a bit)... rumble rumble...

"Um, what? Where's my Dexcom?"

It wasn't in its usual pocket of my bag. It hadn't skydived to the bottom, or gotten stuck in the lining. It had not fallen out and taken respite in the booth cushions.

It wasn't anywhere.


Before breakfast, I had left my key in the room and taken my bags with me, as I figured I didn't need to go back up there for anything. Remembering that I had set the receiver on the bathroom counter as I rushed to get ready, I could only assume I had left it there. (Poor little guy, sitting all alone in the dark, in a strange hotel room...)

I coerced the front desk to give me a new key and scurried back up to my room, and just in time - the housekeeping cart was just two doors down from mine.

Barging into the room, I flicked on the bathroom light and expected to find my little blue Etch-A-Sketch - except it wasn't there.

What? Where else could it be?

I emptied my purse onto the bed, sure that I somehow missed it - nothing.

Table beside the bed, floor around the bed, desk - nothing.

With few plausible explainations left, I started to unpack my suitcase. And there, nestled between my pajamas and hairbrushes, was Jim. And not only that - he had been taking readings all through breakfast from inside my suitcase! What a guy.


  1. Yes, that's his name. (Examples:,, :)

  2. If a bunch of Dexcommers (?) sit down and set their CGMs on a table, is there a way to tell whose is whose? As I read this, I swore it would end with someone else accidentally abducting Jim, thinking he was their own.


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