Monday, October 22, 2012

Upcycling: T-Shirt Scarf.

I've been addicted to Pinterest feeling crafty lately, and had the urge to make something out of something else. The hip kids call this "upcycling". I called it "how I spent my Friday night".

Pinterest lead me to this lovely idea at a blog called Ninth & Bird:

Super cute, yes? Aaron and I thinned out our closets recently, which meant that I have a bag of clothes that I didn't have a use for and will probably be in my trunk for weeks that I'll drop off for donation THIS WEEK.

Armed with some "old" t-shirts, scissors, and the internet, I got to work. I've mentioned how much I love scarves, right? Yeah. I obviously need more.

Super easy to make! If you want to make your own:

1. Go you, being all crafty and such!
3. For instructions on how to make one of these, go visit Ninth & Bird and use her tutorial!


  1. Ohh, I love it! I like how you added rope :) Thanks for sharing my T-Shirt Scarft project!

    -Katelyn, Ninth & Bird

  2. SO. Adorable. I might have to get on this one. [It might actually require me to buy thrift store t-shirts though because all my shirts are rather boring. :)]
    Thanks for sharing! :]

    1. I'm pretty sure you're not allowed to BUY shirts to do an upcycling project. Because of my job I have a never ending supply of shirts but because of my location I have NO use for scarves.


    2. We need to be a team ;].

      But, if I were thrifting, at least I'd be upcycling someone else's used clothes, right? [Plus, my local thrift store donates to the Canadian Diabetes Association--score!]

  3. Good craft-find! I love the colors you chose:) Now for the pump pocket...


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