Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sneaky Gear.

Just a cosmetic bag and a wallet. NBD.

...or is it?

For instructions on how to make your own super-sluethy Dexcom/Vera Bradley bag, visit the post I got the idea from on Moments of Wonderful. Even when the displays on my diabetes gear aren't enjoyable, the package they're delivered in can be.


  1. Just ordered two little ID bags to try it out. I actually lost a 7-week old Dex this summer (my second), so since I purchased the replacement I've been using the ugly belt clip (because my ugly gray cover was on the one I lost). SO ready for an upgrade! Thank you! PS Why does everyone have a cute pink/melon cover and I don't?

  2. I LOVE the cosmetic bag!! Where did you get it?

  3. And I got the idea for the Dexcom holder from Jewels! http://www.shesugar.com/insulin-pumps-and-cgms/dexcom-favorite-apparell/

    If you have to be diabetic, at least be a cute diabetic, right?


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