Tuesday, October 30, 2012

One More.

I put in my last (?) Dexcom sensor two weeks ago. I did it a little ceremoniously, assuming that it would be the final one of the Seven Plus variety, as I had placed an order for the G4 after finding out that my insurance plan will cover the majority of the cost (a fact I'm very, very thankful for).

Last night, I got the following in my inbox:

Happy Snoopy Dancing aside, I think my sensor must have sensed the foreboding in the air as it got more and more wonky (technical term) as the day drug on. Wonky to the MAX. The kind of wonky that caused me to waaaaaay under-bolus for my nacho dinner. Evidence:

So much product placement!

Anytime you want to get here, G4, I'm welcoming you and your better accuracy-having self with wide open arms. I'm also wondering if I'll wearing both the Seven Plus and the G4 simultaneously for a while.

What's one more robot part among friends?

UPDATE: My G4 was originally scheduled to arrive Wednesday, but after checking the tracking ID, the G4 is on the delivery truck RIGHT NOW. (!!!!!)


  1. Mine is currently sitting in the FedEx place about a mile from my house, and has been since yesterday. I was also thinking about wearing both for one cycle - could be a fun experiment :)

  2. congrats on your new sensor! :)

  3. Ours JUST arrived! Literally. 15 minutes ago..............WAHOO!!!!!!!!!

  4. How timely! That's a treat and not a trick! We're waiting anxiously for my daughter's. Only know that it's coming sometime in December.

  5. Look at the iBGStar - cool effect!


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