Monday, October 29, 2012

Something New.

Have you ever plopped a fresh infusion site on your leg and then thought, "I immediately regret this decision because the place where I usually clip my pump and the place where my infusion set is are the same place and how did I not think about that beforehand"? This happened to me yesterday, and I made a mental note to be extra cognizant of where my robot parts where situated.

The thing about leg infusion sites, especially, is that you can't let down your guard while doing everyday activities, like... eh... well, you know.

Original cartoon here.

Get my drift? Tubing gets tangled, certain items of clothing have to be precariously stretched, and you can't pull any fast moves.

Because if you do, FFFWWWAAP! You've ripped out your brand new infusion site.

The bright side of this story is that ruining that new site provided me an excuse to try something new (to me): an arm site.

I promise I wasn't trying to take a photo of my towel hanger

But, ladies, I have to ask... how does this work? Do you tuck your tubing under your bra strap? I feel like if I don't, tubing is going to be dancing around under my shirt all day today, which is sure to cause some interesting "I swear I'm not feeling myself up" moments.

Once again: yaaaaay, long tubing.


  1. I can't relate to the bra-strap question,and I've never tried the arm-thing (though I see your point, and I totally respect you for giving it a shot!).

    But as for your cartoon at the top, I've been getting in the habit of disconnecting and setting the pump aside when I do "that", cause otherwise I might end up bungee-pumping into the water, if you get where I'm going. Stupid 32" tubing.

  2. I usually thread the tubing under my bra, down my side. That way it sort of holds it in place.

  3. I have been on the pump for 6 months now and I was taught to put it in my abdominal area and now I'm too scared to try and put it any where else =(

  4. I love CGM sites on my leg but I can't seem to get pump sites to work there.

    But when I put an arm site in, I definitely thread it under the "underarm" section of the bra. Keeps the tubing from wiggling. Just remember it's there when you put your pajamas on (long story) :D

  5. tubing!

  6. I am an arm site devotee. I click it in and go up the back of my arm and thread it all under my bra. I always have worn my pump in my bra so it its just convenient there and provides less tugging.

  7. I've never tried arm sites. I once tried a leg, but it was too painful -- I don't know why. And I never have problems with tubing, even after pumping for more than 13 years, and I don't know why about that either! I might try other sites just for the fun of it, but my belly doesn't seem to scar very much and so far, so good.

  8. Funny - I never thought of my arm. Maybe it's because of the angle.
    Only once have I "dropped" it into the bowl (very quickly pulled it back out - no "damage"). Back then (this was almost 20 years ago) my tubing was super long. Now, if it slips, it won't land in the toilet but it invariably pulls out of the site. I've learned to carry extra supplies and leave them everywhere - work, my car and my "big-bag-o-stuff" that I schlep around.

    I keep my pump in a small camera bag with a clip-on hook. Once in a while the clip fails but very rarely.

  9. I may not be a girl, but the arm site is more or less the same for guys as well. Being a taller person I use the longest tubing length I can find. Sometimes depending on where you put the site, yes you can end up with some excess tubing or as I like to refer to it, that tubing that enjoys trying to escape from my shirt sleeves. I can't see there being a need for people wondering if you are groping yourself. Granted you do have a little more in the way up there than a guy would.

    The biggest issue I run into is if my pump is in my pant pocket and tubing threaded up through the shirt and all sometimes if you are wearing your belt tight or tight pants and the excess tubing is tucked into your pocket you may meet some resistance when you raise your arms or could pull out a pump site (only happened twice). However if you plan it poorly and are the Y in the YMCA you might end up doing more of a lower case y than a Y.

  10. I love my arm sites! I get some of my best bg's from there. I thread the tubing underneath everything to help hold it in place, and try to insert it where the clippy part is towards my shoulder. Just remember that it is there if you ever take your bra off while still wearing a shirt, it rips them out rather nicely.

  11. I can't do arm sites with the girls, we have to put cgm sensors in there. At 5 and 6 there is just not enough spots on them for sites. We tried a belly site, once, and 6 yo turned green, we have not done that since. Site rotation is so important, but so limited on a very thin little girls. Nice post and thanks for writing!

  12. I love my arm sites, after I put the site in I put the tubing under my bra and use a small piece pf paper tape on my shoulder to secure it. I have found that this piece pf tape helps from tugging at the actual site if it gets pulled down like when using the rest room, however whenever I do I just clip my pump to the bottom of my shirt then clip it back in my pocket. I have never had a problem unless I walk through doors too closely and rub my arm against the door frame.

  13. Maybe it's because I'm at a boring desk job where I'm not moving all day, but the tubing doesn't bother me when I use an arm site. I usually clip my pump on my bra between my boobs, so I don't know if that makes a difference. I really like using an arm site. Like Jenn who posted above, I find I get some of my best numbers there.


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