Tuesday, June 21, 2011


To pull, or to not pull - that is the question.
That reddish purple ink blot seeps slow and wide, but I feel no pain.
I think, "I must be doing something wrong."
And yet...
Sensor: accurate.
Adhesive: still sticky. (Amazing.)
Which can only mean...
Kim: indecisive.


  1. OUCH!! looks like it would hurt 8(

  2. Owie! If you feel no pain... I never pull an accurate sensor!! :)

  3. It amazes me when I think I've got the sensor in a good spot because a) it doesn't hurt and b) it didn't even bleed...and then the sensor isn't as accurate. And then I get it in a spot that I'm not sure about and it's more accurate! No rhyme or reason sometimes :)

  4. Yikes is right! If I were you I would probably leave it on if the sensor was still working right BUT since you are You and I am me I would say you probably should take it out since it looks scary.


  5. If it's accurate I wouldn't waste it either! Let me know what happens!

  6. yowza. Whenever you decide to pull it, be prepared for a gusher.
    Is this proof that Dexcom really wants to read blood glucose not interstitial fluid?

  7. Me? Indecisive too! I'd say if it's a good site, I'd leave it too. You can have a pretty site, but it sucks. : /


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