Thursday, June 23, 2011

Puppy Lows.

I love this pup; I really do.
This pup, who on a brand new stair gate, likes to chew.

I love his smile; his spunk; his ears; his glee.
Even if sometimes I have to clean up his pee.

He's a puppy, you know - they do that stuff.
They play and they play until they've had enough.

I'm usually ready to rest well before he -
to down a juice box, or two, or twelvety three.

We run, we walk. We (sometimes) fetch, we play.
We frolick until sunset ends our day.

I knew that life with this puppy would change
And it REALLY affects the amount of time I'm in range.

Has my CGM learned yoga? Perhaps. So I thought I'd blog
The new position Jim seems to have learned: Downward Facing Dog.


  1. Love the poem but especially love the pictures. Nickname Yoga Dog?

  2. Too cute!!! Loved the poem and the pics! :)

  3. Love the puppy and love the graph :D It seems you've found some kind of "cure".

    Cori - an old lurker :)

  4. Believe it or not, when I get a rare far-out-of-range high, just five or ten minutes playing with the cat has the same effect. She doesn't cooperate as much as a dog, though, since cats are more moody. :P

  5. So awesome--Jim and your new ranges, the puppy pics (!!!!!), and the overall wonderfulness of it all. And your poem of course. ;) Enjoy!

  6. Thanks, all! :)

    Cori - long-time reader, first-time commenter. Love it! Hi!! :)

  7. Oh this will be a great 'argument' for a puppy around will help keep her IN RANGE!!! Love it!! ;)

  8. In Range!! A dog could be the new CURE!! : ) Love it! : ) Holly

  9. i knew there was a reason i needed a puppy!! perhaps i'll let my husband read your post and see your CGM graph. that might just be the ticket that talks him into "puppy parenthood"

  10. Love the pics, kim! Looks like Billy is having a blast and also happily helping on the BG front! That's so much fun and stress relief, and having a puppy-CGM is an experience in itself. Thanks for sharing the new and ongoing awesomeness!


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