Friday, June 10, 2011

Just Talking... Live.

Just a quick note I want to throw up here - in case you missed the media blitz yesterday (okay, I guess it wasn't a blitz exactly, but it felt that way to ME), here's a couple of places to go to hear me talking about the You Can Do This Project.
  1. I recorded a PSA (a mini-podcast, really - but don't tell the host I called it that) with Chris over at Just Talking. We spent around 20 minutes talking about the upcoming video project - how it came to be, what it is, and how you can participate. The subject of puppies came up, too. You can give it a listen here.
  2. I was also the guest on last night's DSMA Live Blog Talk Radio show - it's an hour of conversation between myself, and the three hosts (Scott Johnson, George Simmons, and Cherise Shockley) where we talk about both the project, and the DSMA Twitter chat that took place the night before. We talked about YCDT, how social media has shaped our view of the world, and what we've learned from others with diabetes.
I hope you all have a great weekend - and are ready for the barrage of puppy pictures coming your way!


  1. Mini podcast? Blasphemey.

    Puppy pictures? Not Blasphemey.

    I guess you even out on that one :)

  2. It was great hearing you featured on both those places, the epitome of awesomeness (on the podcast of all podcasts and the DSMA Live Show of, well, all blog talk radio shows I'm sure. (my nose isn't THAT brown, is it??...) Can't wait to see pics of the new pups - have a blast picking him up and experiencing those first moments together!

  3. You are awesome...and a Celebrity!! : ) woohoo! Can't wait to see them all!
    And don't you get the puppy today? What name did you decide on?? : )


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