Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Tomorrow is the launch date for You Can Do This (!!!!!!!), and I'm excited to be able to tell you that there's even more Awesome in store for those participating. (And when I say participating - that means anyone. Not just those recording videos! Anyone who watches any of the videos, anyone who has ever said to themselves "you can do this", anyone who has ever said to themselves "I think I might possibly be able to try to do this"...)

The social media/PR coordinator at Hope Paige Medical contacted me last week to offer the You Can Do This community their support. (In case you aren't familiar with them - they make contemporary medical ID jewelry. In their words, "we take pride in changing the face of 'clunky' old medical ID jewelry and making it fashionable--something you would actually want to wear.") They are donating six pieces of their medical ID jewelry, and I'll be giving them away right here!

Here's what you need to know:

  • Six giveaways will take place; one every other week for the next 12 weeks. The first giveaway is this week. Winners will be announced on Fridays.
  • You don't have to record a video to win one. All you have to do is this: on those Thursdays (and I'll remind you guys), go leave a comment on the You Can Do This page on my blog (also found by clicking here). Make sure I can identify you - don't just sign it "anonymous", okay? I just need a name, so that I can announce the next day who the winner is. You have the full 24 hours on those Thursdays in which to enter yourself for the drawing.
  • On Fridays, I'll announce that week's winner (by random drawing). If you are named the winner, you'll need to email me at textingmypancreas (at) gmail (dot) com, so that I can pass your information onto Hope Paige Medical.
  • Each winner can pick which style they'd like as their prize (so, theoretically all six could pick the same bracelet) - and there are six styles to choose from. Hope Paige will custom engrave your jewelry with your medical needs, and ship it to you at no cost. (How cool is that?)
Here are the six styles you'll be able to select from:

Pandora Style

Rubber Blue Cars

Rope Brown & Khaki

Durable Rubber Black

Black Plate Dog Tag

Stainless Steel Heart Link

Thank you to Hope Paige Medical for donating to the You Can Do This Project community - the first giveaway entry day will be this Thursday!


  1. That is so cool Kim. I am excited to work on my project! I already have it in motion...:)

  2. Awesome! What a wonderful partnership!

  3. PRetty, sparkly, & functional! YAY!

  4. So totally cool!! Have to get on our contribution...it keeps rolling around my head, just need to start doing it!!!

  5. Those are really cool medic alerts! i better get a move on!!

  6. Kim, This is an awesome, awesome partnership, and I absolutely LOVE my Hope Page bracelet. I'm going to email you a pic later, but I got my pandora style bracelet, and it is AMAZING! I've gotten more compliments on this bracelet than ANY other bracelet - medicalert or not - than any I've had, and I LOVE it! Thank you, Hope Page, and Thank you Kim and YCDTP! :)

  7. I just heard about this project. I need the support because I do not get it from my husband or family but I need the videos to have more than "You can do this". I like the videos with the gritty reality I have lived with for 25+ years as a "super ball" diabetic. My phrase - "brittle" is a stupid label. The give away attracted me. Will there be more from Hope Paige Medical or have I missed it? I do not wear an ID now but I should. I hate the very medical IDs of yesterday so I like this company. Thanks.

  8. Hi there! :)

    There are still two more giveaways to go, and they are happening over at the new home for the project - www.youcandothisproject.com. They happen on Thursdays (with winners being announced on Fridays). Good luck! (And I'm glad you found the project!)


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