Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Seeing Diabetes Everywhere.

Last weekend, Aaron and I decided to go out for some late-evening dessert and coffee.

We headed to one of our favorite places; a restaurant/bar combination. We were there late enough, and it's just far enough away from downtown that it wasn't heavily populated. Aaron and I sat at the bar; looked over the dessert list. I closed my menu and took a look at the bar in front of me.

Lots of colorful bottles; backlighting; glowing screens; sparkly glasses.

And then I noticed something.

Can't see it? I know; it's dark. Really dark. (Hey - it's a bar.)

How about now?

Let me show you in broad daylight.

My first thought? And I'm serious, here...

"Oh, someone was low."


Then I answered myself, "Wait, check that... probably a mixed drink." And then I felt kind of silly.

Diabetes will never leave my brain alone, will it?


  1. Totally would have thought the same thing!! :)

  2. I would totally think that same thing. Every time I go to buy juicy juice at Target (which I usually need right then because, after all, it's Target) I think: who else buys these teeny tiny juice boxes with only 4.23 oz. and exactly 15 carbs? I hope to find someone else reaching for the juicy juices in Target someday and speak with them. Maybe they'll be type 1 too. ;)

  3. hahahah I do this all the time too! I only associate juice with fixing a low.

  4. I would totally think the same thing! Juice boxes have taken on an ominous shadow to me (the haunting dark of a bar is sufficiently creepy I think!). Don't even get me started on the shivers I get from ORANGE juice boxes (egads!)


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