Thursday, March 17, 2011

DOC in DC: Part One.

Let me first say that I have no idea how many "parts" this series will have. I will probably have to Tarantino things a bit, going back and forth in time. (I just imagined myself on a hoverboard - hmm. Maybe have to break out Paintbrush again soon.)

Like many of my fellow DC/DOCer's, my head is filled, perhaps beyond capacity, of thoughts and stories about this past weekend. I'm still processing what happened, downloading and compiling photos, and trying to wrap my brain around the fact that I actually met some of my state's Congressmen. (And that I also got to meet some of the d-bloggers I look up to most - and yes, they are just as awesome in person as they appear to be online! I miss you all already!)

Before I get into the stories, I wanted to make sure to say a big THANK YOU to JDRF Advocacy for putting together such an impactful weekend, and for letting me be a part of it. Honestly, before I got there I wasn't quite sure how I got invited - I sometimes feel like I'm just little ol' me (and how on earth did I end up being associated with such a fabulous group of DOCers and JDRF volunteers?) As the weekend went on, my confidence grew, and I started to see that it doesn't take someone being a "big deal" to get things done - what it takes is heart, a voice, and some courage to put those things out there into the world. We all can find those things within ourselves. We all can be advocates for ourselves, and the greater diabetes community. We all can make a difference.

Over the next several days I want to fill you all in on the sessions we had, what I learned from researchers and JDRF leaders, and what meeting a Congressman or their staff is like (I had zero experience on this going in - so if I can do it, anyone can do it!). I also want to tell you about Cherise and I getting lost/misplaced on the D.C. Metro, an episode of group #sweatbetes with Turkish Steve, and how amazing Georgetown Cupcakes are.

In the meantime, I'm sharing a few of the pictures I love from the weekend. I'll have to explain their context later. :)

I know it probably wasn't planned that way,
but my first thought when I saw this at
the end of the buffet line was,
"JDRF knows the DOC well".

Kelly K. and Sprinkles The Unicorn!

Yep, I got a side-hug from Gary Hall, Jr. (So cool to
see him there, advocating right along side the rest of us!)

Look very closely - #dsma and #dprom got a mention
on the JDRF slides!! (How awesome is that?)


  1. Cooooool. Great photos! Can't wait for the next Parts...

  2. OMG that is so wicked! So proud of all of you and so honored to KNOW you guys, well you know...

    Cant wait to hear more!

  3. Outstanding times, indeed. Yes, that Diet Coke fridge = AWESOMENESS. The bacon breafast buffet wasn't a bad tough, either... Thanks for sharing and being a part of this, Kim. You were awesome, and continue to be.

  4. I thought it was so cool to see Gary Hall Jr. there advocating right next to us. Not as a celebrity, not as a 10 time Olympic medalist, but as another guy living with type 1 diabetes.


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