Thursday, March 24, 2011

Planning A Party.

In about a month, I'll be marking my silver anniversary with type 1 diabetes.

Thing is, I've never "celebrated" a diaversary (diabetes annivesary) before, so I'm not sure what I want to do, or how. Last weekend I told the room of JDRF volunteers at Government Day, in my introduction, that I plan to celebrate with cupcakes - and I totally will. (I've been looking into ordering Crumbs - because, dammit, I still haven't had one of those infamous cupcakes of theirs!) But past that - I have no plans.

My diaversary coincides with Easter weekend, which makes it a little hard to organize a party. Or... maybe that means there's a built-in party involving Peeps, jelly beans, and Cadbury creme eggs?

I'm hoping it also means that my pancreas will rise from the dead, but I'm not sure that falls within the Easter Bunny's scope of abilities.

So in case it doesn't, I need some help in the form of ideas from you guys on how to mark the occassion. If you've celebrated a diaversary before, what did you do? Who did you celebrate with? Were there unicorns involved? Just me? Okay.

Please leave a comment and help me with some ideas!


  1. I'm celebrating my 30th diaversary in May, and it is also my first time ever celebrating it. I'm going skydiving in April, and seriously considering a tattoo. The Crumbs cupcake idea sounds brilliant, so I might steal that idea!

  2. Congrats! I just had my "silver" in February. I celebrated by buying myself a diamond ring (a rose-cut, rough diamond on Etsy). I bought my dad a bottle of his favorite scotch (since he did a good amount of the work when I was younger). I think I ate a cheeseburger or something on the day. I considered a party, but decided I would rather have something sparkly and pretty to remind myself of all of my (and my family's) efforts to stay healthy. Congrats again! :)

  3. Go for it!
    Yes, I celebrate my Diaversary EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR.
    Since it falls on Halloween, it always involves costumes at some point - usually in the evening. During the day, I make sure I have fun and as far as food, NOTHING is off limits.
    I celebrate that I'm here - and I appreciate that fact very much. I hang with friends & cupcakes & Reeses's Peanut Butter Cups are always part of the day.
    Kim Girl, celebrate all the wonderfulness of you on your Diaversary!
    There areno rules, except 2 have fun !!
    Kelly K

  4. My diaversary falls on New Year's Day, so I usually celebrate with champagne. I think EVERY "celebration" deserves at least champagne, and a pedicure. So live it up, lady! You deserve total props for putting up with this crappola for 25 years :) (I will be celebrating my silver on 1/1/12!) -Kate

  5. In August I will be celebrating my silver "pumpaversary".Maybe I should acquire flashy electronics?

  6. Aaron points out that me attending CWD/FFL this year is quite a diaversary gift, and I'd have to agree. But I'm looking for ideas for ON THAT DAY! :)

  7. I'd have to say, Crumbs cupcakes will make a very nice diaversary statement. Sprinkles, for. sure. Add the Easter candy too, whatever you feel like, b/c that's what it's all about: celebrating YOU and your strength, your power, your life. Some people do jump out of planes or get tattoos, if that's their thing. Whatev your fave beverage is, too--DC to keep it simple and real, and/or bubbly of whatever sort. It's all good. After 25 years of doing what you/we do, you deserve all kinds of magical goodness. <3

  8. My silver was last October, we threw a huge party at a local cupcake shop (Casey's Cupcakes) and then took a mini vacation.

  9. This year, my 1-year anniversary for t1 landed on Superbowl Sunday. So I had a superbowl party! It was a day off from my normal day to day diet, complete with meatballs, chips and dips and (a little bit) of wine!

  10. My diaverssaries have gone past with out me celebrating. Honestly never thought much about it. I am heading into my 29th year. Ideas....Let loose for at least a day, lots of carb, no exercise, a little alcohol, if you drink. Vacate mentally from the D, maybe have your partner or friend give you your insulin and mange it for 24 hrs, no idea. Great now you got me thinking....Cheers!

  11. Cupcakes are a MUST.

    And cake. And pie? I say go nuts!

    Theres always Vegas too? ;)

  12. Pancreas rising from the dead... nice Easter reference - loved it! Yes, cupcakes and unicorns are a must. I'd never really marked or paid attention to mine up until a year or two ago, specifically because of the DOC turning me onto the idea. Never knew my exact diagnosis date outside of the spring months sometime, so it wasn't until last year when I actually received a replacement MM pump and self-designated that. Time to eat ice cream (or cupcakes) in front D-Police, and test BGs out in public where everyone can see it. Fun times ahead!


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