Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just Talking.

It's my first podcast!

Chris, of Just Talking and A Consequence of Hypoglycemia fame, was kind enough to ask me to be a guest on his awesome podcast, and it's up right now for you to listen to!

We talked about the JDRF Government Day conference, our love of DOC lurkers, and my enthusiasm for Corgis (which can be marked by my sudden and frequent use of "dude"). I also illustrate why I am not, nor ever will be, employed by the Nebraska Department of Tourism, we explain that hashtag you've been seeing on Twitter (#rootage), and we discuss Blünt Lancet's glitter fog machine. It also becomes readily apparent that I am a giant dork. (This wasn't really a surprise for anyone, I hope...)

Oh, and zombie vampires? We cover those, too.

Check out episode 76 of Just Talking here.


  1. Subliminal rootage even. The more I hear about this Kim V the more awesome I think she is....


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