Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Guest Post: I Always Overpack.

Today, I'm bringing you a post from one of the DOC's newer bloggers, Jess of Me and D. I met Jess first through Juvenation.org, and have gotten to know her better through Twitter, Facebook, and a real-life meetup recently! I absolutely love her positive attitude and sense of humor, and I'm happy to share her words with you here!


Ok, first of all, I want to thank Kim for the opportunity to guest post on her blog! When I first got involved in the DOC, this blog was one of the first I read.  And Kim helped to encourage me to start my own, so you can blame her!
I’d like to share a story with you about some less than stellar D decisions I made my freshman year of college.  Remember, I was 19 and stupid.
So, it’s a Friday afternoon, and a bunch of us are headed to a friend’s apartment for some movies and general fun.  It’s winter.  I’m in a state that gets a lot of snow.  And said friend’s apartment is 45 minutes away from my dorm (can you see where this is headed?).
The evening was great!  Don’t remember all we did, but I know we played some intense Apples to Apples (best game ever!).  As the evening wore on, it began snowing.  Really hard.  Before we knew it, we had a full-fledged blizzard on our hands.  We weren’t going to be making it back to campus that night.
During our festivities, we’d had A LOT of food.  Guess who only had 5 units left in her pump?  And guess who didn’t bring any--again, ANY--extra supplies?  No insulin, no reservoirs, no syringes.  Nothing.
My friends were (and still are) absolutely fantastic!  But I was completely freaking out.  And trying to keep them from seeing how badly I was freaking out.  And I really did NOT want to have to call 911 and go to the ER just because I was a freaking idiot.
So what did I do?  Call my mother balling!  Sorry mom.  She had the wherewithall to get me to call the endo on call back home.  He called in some Lantus and Humalog/Novolog (can’t remember which) to the pharmacy a few blocks away from my friends’ apartment.
Now, there was the matter of getting to the pharmacy.  In a blizzard.  Buried in ice and snow.  Thanks be to God my friend had these two neighbor guys.  These guys had some kind of ginormous, 4-wheel-drive monstrosity.  These wonderful guys drove me very, very slowly to the pharmacy and back.  Thank you, guys, wherever you are now.
Whew!  Crisis averted!  Now all I had to worry about was sleeping on the floor and brushing my teeth with my finger.  At least I could relax and watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s (best movie ever) relatively stress-free!
So guess who now will never be caught unawares without extra supplies?  You should see how much I pack for an overnight trip...


Jess, you should see how much I packed for this four-day trip...  I feel your luggage pain!

Me and D is where Jess can be found blogging, and you can follow her on Twitter at @jessofmeandd!


  1. First of Jess, I LOVE YOUR GLASSES! Okay, I think we've all been there though when we don't have nearly enough supplies. I've been there on a few different occasions, and, thanks for the blog ideas!! Great job though, and I'm an over packer too and when people comment on it, I always say "blame the diabetes"

  2. YAY for Jess! Thanks for having her over today Kim. She is one of my fav PWD Bloggers. Jess, I hope I am as smart on my toes as your mom was... when Joe calls me in a bind like you were in. Great story!

  3. That was a great idea ... calling the endo. to call in a local prescription. When I was in college in the 1970's, we had no blood glucose meters (not to mention insulin pumps!) and insulin dosing was a crapshoot. At least my endo. had wisely put me on NPH and Regular insulins, rather than one shot of Ultralente.

  4. I was there for that! Oh freshman year, what memories! Look how we've grown! Love that you're a famous blogger now!

  5. Glad you had awesome friends to help out in that situation, and your mom and endo were there to help it turn out OK. I had some similiar moments in college, though didn't pump at the time and went through those instances on the insulin vial and syringe side of things. Glad it all turned out OK.


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