Monday, March 12, 2012

Things I Learned Yesterday.

  1. Thom Yorke sounds just as great live as he does on Radiohead albums, and he still dances as though he's halfway between a caffiene binge and a seizure. And I love him for it.
  2. Diabetes isn't particularly fond of 7 hours spent in a car within a 12 hour period.
  3. Diabetes is also not fond of margaritas. But I am.
  4. Did you know the Sprint Center serves margaritas? I didn't, either. Huh.
  5. I realized too late that my glasses, scarf and long cardigan sweater combination gave me the appearance of being a hipster, except that I'm not. (If only I had worn skinnier jeans!)
  6. When it comes to doing what I need to do, I truly don't give a sheet about where I am or if anyone else cares. If my pump only has enough insulin left in it to cover my basal dose for the rest of the concert (three plus hours in the car, and I couldn't do a cartridge change? I know. Blame Draw Something. Also, it's really hard to draw when you're the passenger in a moving car. /digression), I will do an injection in the middle of standing room-only general admission. And no one seemed to notice.

    7.   And lastly, Arby's at midnight is never a good idea, no matter how hungry you are. The mild food-borne illness you'll contract is not fun times. 


  1. 2. I always thought it was sitting in an arena seat, immobile, for hours that was D-unfriendly (though at a concert, I guess you're not sitting still like I am at a hockey game)

    3. Kim 1, diabetes 0.

    6. It happens. A friend had to leave the JDRF walk early last year because her pump was out of insulin. Oh the irony.

    7. My love for Arby's is like your love for margaritas. Sadly, there aren't many near where I live.

    Overall, sounds like a fun night! (mostly)

  2. i'm a massive fan of roadtrips to see concerts, so rock on!

    sorry about the oogy post-arby's feeling. but props to you for being a diabadass in GA!


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