Monday, March 5, 2012

Billy's Birthday Blowout.

Billy Corgin turned one year old yesterday, and because I'm slightly ridiculous, I baked him a cake. And put a hat on him. And made him pose for pictures.

Totally normal, yeah?


Birthday car ride! (If only I were a bit taller...)

Homemade doggie cake - recipe lost to the Internet Gods. RIP 

Yes, I made him wear a stupid hat. With notches cut
out for his ginormous ears. Not that it stayed where
I put it, but I tried - and he was a good sport.

One good shot! Yes! (Notice I had to hold him back
from diving nose-first into that cake. He was EXCITED.

Nom nom nom...

Stick a paw in it. He's done.


  1. Love it! And Lola is jealous. She got a little pup cookie on her birthday. It turned her fur blue. But she seems pretty happy with her birthday squeaky elephant. :o) I hope Billy had the best birthday! Lola says rrrrrbarkbarkbark licklick


  2. Billy's Birthday Blowout seems like a perfectly normal activity to me. You'll have to top yourself next year ya know.

  3. Yeah, I'm gonna need that recipe. I have a couple of girls who might like to try it.


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