Thursday, March 1, 2012


I saw some whisperings last week on Facebook about March 1st being "Hope for a cure for Diabetes day".

I have hope for a lot of things - better ways of living with diabetes, better ways of FEELING about living with diabetes. Hope that no one feels alone when they struggle. Hope that I can, at some point, not shoot up over 200 after breakfast.

Hope for a day when none of us have to worry about this anymore, because that one thing called "diabetes" was cured a long, long time ago, and no one remembers much about it.

Here's hoping.

Check out the event on Facebook for hundreds of hands expressing hope for people they love with diabetes. (Over 2,800 people participating as of this posting!)


  1. Had no clue... (you know, I've been MIA a lot). But like you, I have hope. Great hand-artwork, my friend!


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