Friday, March 21, 2014

Starch Madness.

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Amendment: Bennet of Your Diabetes May Vary has taken things up a notch by creating a survey based on this bracket. Go vote and we can start trash talking about our favorite carbs and see who shall be named champion!


  1. hahahaha yes. best thing on the internet today. you win!

  2. This is awesome. Yes to everything!

  3. Ironically (or not) I almost put money on the fact that Bennet would set up a survey for this!

    And here in LV I can put money legally on just about anything!

  4. Oh my...i just discovered the applesauce bags from my 2 yr old nephew and im sold! Just bought two huge boxes to haul back to Trinidad with... BUT skittles come in a close second!

    Xoxo from Michigan currently....

  5. I love this.

    "because logic."

  6. This literally happened to me tonight after my spin class. I will now be writing a piece about lows and I will now be giving you a whopping shout're awesome; keep killin it, girlfriend.


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