Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Helpful Little Screens.

I don't know if it's due to the amount of diabetes stuff I've been trying to cram into my brain or what, but recalling something like what my fasting BG was even this morning is sometimes a task. Did I bolus for lunch? When am I going to need to change the cartridge again? What's my carb ratio right now? Is this real life? Are we at Chili's?

The t:slim has some very nice bits of info that I wasn't used to having access to with my Ping, and I've been using them liberally. For example:

Touching the top right corner of my homescreen (where it shows how much
insulin is left in the cartridge) brings you to just about all the information
you'd want to know about what your insulin pump is doing right that minute.

In the History menu you can see a visual breakdown of your insulin
use that day (they call it a "delivery summary"), or an average over the
past 7, 14, or 30 days.

If you can't remember when you did the last cartridge fill (hi, me, I do this
all the time), your pump remembers for you.

Struggling to recall all of the BGs you entered today? Dude's all over it.

Or maybe you want to see everything your pump did today -
Complete History it is.

Tomorrow is my first visit with my endocrinologist after starting on the t:slim - let's see if she's as pleased with the availability of some of my data as I am.

P.S. Things have been kinda quiet over here because I've been having fun posting over here instead.


  1. In my daydreams about "when I need a pump..." I've been thinking I'll go for that Snappy one when I read Melissa, for the Omnipod when I read Katie, and now this. TSlim is gorgeous. Also it has the cache of being affiliated with the Bionic P. The only pump I'm sure I won't want is a Ping, but only because I am sick of looking at its horrible font.

    You know how people usually conclude something bland like "different pumps are the best fit for different people" ? Well, I would LOVE to watch a FIERCE debate about which pump is the best for a totally cool, medium-athletic, adult female with great taste. But you're all so good-natured.

  2. I'm jealous of all those screens. That is great info. I didn't even know the t:slim existed when we ordered my pump.

  3. I could get a lot of that information from my Medtronic pumps, but it wasn't so beautifully laid out. Using a Ping now, I really miss that kind of information. Because I don't use the Ping remote, I have even less info.


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