Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Cleaning.

There must be something in the air this time of year that compels we People of the Pumps to clean, consolidate, and reorganize our stock. The weather warms up, the sun shines, the breeze blows, and logically this leads one to think, "man, wouldn't it feel nice to have all of those infusion sets corralled and cartridge boxes stacked neatly by order of expiration date?". (Consider it FIFO for my diabetes life-o.) This is how I spent part of my Saturday afternoon, and I felt so much better when I was done trimming off box tops and neatly Tetris-ing everything into the available drawer and shelf spaces.

image via Pinterest; sadly with no additional credit
It got me thinking about how the way I pine for pretty ways to organize my diabetes supplies is similar to that of a dreamy Pinterest-board-worthy craft room design.

Do you hear me, Container Store?

I mean, yeah, a scrapbooking cart or something similar could work, but I want colorful, custom-made compartments for all of my diabetes stuff. Trays that perfectly fit Insets (like an egg carton); cups that can house one each of everything I need for each cartridge change-out; a docking station for my pump (and an expandable antennae thing to hold up the tubing while it primes?); a shelf with pop-in custom-sized compartments for my various meters; something like a soda can organizer, but for glucose tab jars or test strip vials. Fabric bins that can house extra cartridges, with a clear viewing window to slip in the cut-out label from the box. Color-coordinating clips or ties that tame all of my charging cords. A dry erase board where I can write down the last day/time of my infusion site or CGM sensor change.

Multiple color and pattern options for each part, if you please. Chevron? Yes. Ombre chevron? Oooooh myyyy.

I want the times I have to attend to my insulin pump to feel less obligatory, medical, and "ugh", and more "ooooh, shiny!", special, and fun. And why shouldn't they?


  1. I'd add to that list a sharps container that fits my reservoir and infusion sets and does NOT look so hideously ugly (that color...ugh) and out of place in a home.

  2. I'd settle for oversize Pez dispensers that could hold all of my D-supplies. I would do actual remodeling to make room for those.

  3. This storage idea sounds amazing! I would love a unit that could hold all my supplies and look pretty rather than have them jammed in random available drawers all over my bedroom.

  4. I love organizing my supplies! I recently picked up this beauty: it works great for my supplies! :)

    1. Ooooo! I can already see potential for modge podge and washi tape in that. :)

    2. I added wheels to the bottom so that it is portable now. Also going to get some LED tracking and add it to the back, so that it glows. I am ridiculously excited about it.

  5. You're not thinking big enough. You need something between Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne. A bat cave with compartments that come out of the floor and automated dispensers that place everything you'll need for the day in your bag of choice.

    Or maybe I've been watching too many comic book movies...

  6. ooooh. I was just thinking about this today: "if I had awesome containers, I could really love this disease."

  7. These are such good cleaning organization tips -- I desperately need to spring clean my apartment!


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