Monday, December 31, 2012

#GiveAllTheThings: More Books!

UPDATE: This contest is now closed! Congratulations to:

HVS: Gave my mom & MIL a picture collage/cd of pictures from my sons first year of was fun for me to make & they could see pics of how much he'd grown!

I'll be tweeting you shortly!

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This giveaway will wrap up the Give All The Things! promotion - thank you to all who donated prizes, who kept coming back to participate each day, who left comments that had me smiling, and especially to those who embodied the spirit of this series of giveaways by paying it forward for others.

Products: More Disney/Lilly books - this time, the full ESPN set and Hannah Montana!

Made possible by: Lilly Diabetes

Why you want this: Through their collaboration, Lilly and Disney hope to provide an empowering message for families with children who have type 1 diabetes – changing the focus from what they can’t do to what they can do. Check out the synopsis for each book over on Disney's website.

To enter today's contest: Comment on this post before 8:30pm CST tonight, telling me about your favorite gift you gave this holiday season. Was it an object on their wishlist, time spent with someone who needed the company, a hug or smile, or a random act of kindness for a stranger? What was it about the act of giving that you enjoyed most?

This giveaway is open to U.S. addresses only.

For more information on what "Give All The Things" is about, visit the original post.


  1. I made my boyfriend a large message board for his office using multiple picture frames. He loved it and I had fun using scrapbooking and construction skills.

  2. I gave a complete stranger coffee. Cold day, and he needed the latte more than I did.

  3. My daughter squealed with delight as she opened each gift, but my favorite gift was the gymnastics leotard I purchased because she wasn't expecting it.

  4. I made a cat pillow (pillow with a cat on it) for my son's 3rd grade teacher. It has a pocket for the cat toy my son made for her cat, Piper. She enchants her classroom with stories about Piper and so it was fun to keep this under consideration while making it.

  5. Gave my mom & MIL a picture collage/cd of pictures from my sons first year of was fun for me to make & they could see pics of how much he'd grown!

  6. I found a picture of my dad @ 22 during WWII in his uniform. I made each of my brothers a fused glass plaque with the photo on it, framed in a shadowbox. I even gave them the choice of: dad in an ashtray, a bowl, plate, trivet or in a frame. No one wanted dad on an ashtray (he has been dead since 2005). They did laugh, and were touched at the same time. They had never seen the pic.

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