Monday, December 3, 2012

#GiveAllTheThings: Guts.

UPDATE: This contest is now closed. Congratulations to the winners:

Giant Pancreas: Nikki B.: Costa Rica bound/Pancreas says, not so fast/Stuck here in a gown

Mini Pancreas: Alecia: Islet cells I miss/Will have to fight without you/Pump is second best

Pancreas Buttons and Pins: Laura: Pancreas revolt/Permanent vacation too/wish I was there *sigh*

If you're listed above, please email me with your full name and mailing address by clicking here!

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It's the first day of Give All The Things! Ready? Let's do this!

Products: Not one, not two, but THREE plushy pancreas prizes. Grand prize is a giant plush, second place gets the mini plush, and third place receives buttons and pins!

Made possible by: I Heart Guts

Why you want this: Because you have a sense of humor; because these pancreases are worth far more than the one in your body anyway, and because they will make you smirk, smile, laugh, and squeal with joy. Probably all at the same time. Awkward.

To enter today's contest: Put your creative thinking caps on! Leave a comment below with your best pancreas-related haiku.



Here, I'll get us started.

My pancreas sleeps
It cares not that I need it
Long to gut-punch him

See? Easy peasy. Just remember - it's 5 syllables for the first line, 7 for the second line, and 5 again for the third line. Haiku comments need to be time-stamped by 8:00pm CST tonight to qualify, and this is open to U.S. residents only (not every contest will be, though, so hang with me) - I'll update this post with the three winners, who will be chosen via random number generator. Remember that Give All The Things! is intended for people with diabetes and their caregivers - if you don't have diabetes, congrats. That's your prize. ;)

For more information on what "Give All The Things" is about, visit the original post


  1. Lauren's Pancreas
    Put itself on a time out
    Mom says: Get working!

    Pancreatic love:
    hard for non-D's to fathom
    But, oh: to feel it!

    Oh man, I am supposed to be working. Now I cannot stop.

    Hello pancreas
    Would you spit out some 'slin if
    islet you just be?

  2. Pancreas revolt
    Permanent vacation too
    wish I was there *sigh*

  3. My pancreas does
    Not work for a living, no.
    It's a free-loader.

  4. Woke up really high.
    This put me in a big funk.
    Test, hundred!?! Slam Dunk.

  5. It's rarely easy,
    but who needs a pancreas!
    They're overrated.

    My pancreas sleeps,
    just like I want to right now
    in my post-lunch fog...

    Ok, so there are two! And even though technically I live in Italy, I'm still a US resident! I definitely have a US address where a prize could arrive :) Or, if I must be thrown out, at least I enjoyed writing my haikus.

  6. Holly is up working
    Her pancreas should be too
    Wake up in there, you!

  7. Also, apparently I subliminally adopted the first line of your haiku for my second.....oops. Blame it on my post-lunch excursion....

    1. That is within the rules. I'll allow it. ;)

      And if you have a US address we can ship to, you're in! Good luck!

  8. Pancreas floating
    Not getting much accomplished
    Like me on Monday

  9. Function? HA! Puh-lease.
    I do whatever I want
    Turquoise Dinosaur.

    (listen, I haven't had any coffee yet. And who doesn't want to think about a turquoise dinosaur in the morning?)

  10. Why must you tease me?
    Spotty bursts of insulin
    Pancreas of mine

  11. No good lazy bum
    Took early retirement
    I do all the work

    (I was determined to write haiku expressing how I feel about my pancreas without actually using the word "pancreas")

  12. Weird Al sang an ode
    to pancrei; but not mine.
    I weep bitterly.


    PS. :D !!!

  13. Oi vey pancreas
    Why you no work anymore?
    Troll face is angry

    Pump buddies are fun
    and pwds are the best
    broken pancreas

    Yes this is silly. :D

  14. Diabetes Sucks,
    But this cute contest does not.
    Cute plush pancreas!

  15. Why, pancreas, why
    Do you not work? Just get it
    Together, you slob.

  16. Dearest Pancreas
    You worked for 34 years
    I took advantage.

    This is my official apology to my poor challenged pancreas. I'm a late blooming type 1 :)

  17. Defunct pancreas
    Ain't as fun as you might think
    Won't give me nothin'

  18. Lazy pancreas
    Taking the easy way out
    Karma is a b*tch

    1. This is my new favorite poem! And I got a BA in poetry, so that's saying something!

  19. Rejected by me
    Insulin found a new home

  20. Islet cells I miss
    Will have to fight without you
    Pump is second best

  21. Stupid pancreas
    Why'd you become so lazy?
    Now I work hard and you don't

  22. Hello? Beta Cells?
    Oh, Islets of Langerhans?
    What happened to you?

  23. Turquoise dinosaurs
    Are part of life without a
    working pancreas.

  24. I never knew you
    But now I really miss you
    Good bye, Pancreas

  25. My pancreas is
    A pink box on my hip now
    Since mine works no more.

  26. Zombie Pancreas
    How useless you are to me
    someday will you wake?

  27. Her small finger bleeds
    I squint and hope for the best
    Relief and more sleep

    Ice cream for Sarah
    Means less sleep for her mom
    Well worth happy smiles

  28. Pancreas busted.
    Fake one better than nothing.
    I want some pancakes.

  29. Darling pancreas,
    I would like you much better
    if you would just work.

    Cute and green and blue,
    your plush adorable friend
    brings more joy than you.

  30. langerhan Islets
    rogue T brutally attacked
    adios Control

  31. I'm not in the US so I can't play but I'm busting a gut (pancreas?) reading these.

  32. i want for christmas
    sparkly working new
    spark up pancreas

  33. Two buggars kaput
    Pancreataista yo
    I’ve got it covered

  34. Simple drop of blood
    Your chemistry demanding
    Power over you

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. For once I never knew,
    A pancreas haiku- Oh,
    wish it wasn't you...

    (to my 12yr old son...)

  37. Love you pancreas,
    Always so close to my heart.
    Gimme some sugar...

  38. Pancreoticaly challenged.

  39. Multi-tasking gland
    Are you a workaholic?
    Or just a showoff?

    Feel bad posting here
    As my pancreas works fine
    But I want the prize! :)

    1. Thanks for joining the fun, Tim! So sorry, but Give All The Things! prizes are intended for folks with diabetes and their caretakers. (Check the promotion's setup in the original post:

      You bring up a good point, though: I should mention this in each contest post. Noted!

    2. LOL, no worries. I came here from the I Heart Guts tweet and there was no mention of it there (or I possibly missed it). Thanks for giving me the opportunity to write a goofy haiku. Good luck to all bona fide entrants!

  40. The stupid virus
    That attacked those Langerhans
    Wish it were not so

  41. My pancreas rocks
    it digests proteins for me
    I I I workout

    LMFAO reference intended

  42. Pancreas is hungry
    It desires some protein
    I feed it a lot

  43. remember that time
    I found just butter in the
    butter compartment?

  44. Silly ol' pancreas
    It enjoys doing nothing
    That's why I'm pumping!

  45. Broken pancreas
    for sixteen years. So I could
    use a new cute one.

  46. my daughter lives strong
    her pancrease fails to work
    replaced by a pump

  47. Friended on Facebook
    My Pancreas Has Blocked Me
    Why Must it Mock Me?

  48. First my pancreas
    failed, now hers has followed suit
    matching pumps (not shoes)

    I don't usually enter contests but these plushy pancreases (pancreaii??) are too darn cute!!

  49. All day and all night
    I pretend that I am you
    Pancreas, you bum.

  50. Cagey pancreas,
    Are you working or dying?
    Damn antibodies.

    Three insulin pens
    In the refridgerator,
    I don't need you yet.

    (I was recently diagnosed T1, but I'm still honeymooning and not on insulin yet. And yes, the second one is only peripherally pancreatic, but I couldn't resist using the word "refrigerator" in a haiku.)

  51. Worthless pancreas
    You lumpy lazy organ!
    Good thing I can pump.

  52. Hormone production
    Islets of Langerhan cells
    Secrete insulin

  53. Partially defunct
    Stupid pancreas
    Grow me some islets.

  54. Different to yours
    My Pancreas sleeps and snores
    But I still love it

    Even tho my pancreas is "worthless" its still priceless to me, makes me who I am! I live in New Zealand but have a US address you can ship too also! Yaaay! Am saving for a trip over there next year so if I do win anything I can pick it up when I get there.


  55. By my 10 year-old T1D daughter:

    My pancreas stopped
    Now I take a lot of shots
    I want one that works

  56. Now playing the part
    Of my daughter's pancreas
    A tired couple

  57. I am a D-Mom
    I am not a great poet
    Nor a pancreas

    (Would love to give stuffed pancreas to my daughter for Christmas...though a working one would be even better!)

  58. Thought of another one...same theme

    All the world's a stage
    My girl's the understudy
    Of a pancreas :(

  59. Danny ...and his mommyDecember 3, 2012 at 6:43 PM

    I wear my glasses
    Is my pancreas four too?
    I wear my blue pump

  60. Costa Rica bound
    Pancreas says, not so fast
    Stuck here in a gown

    (My son was diagnosed T1D 3 days before a school trip to Costa Rica.)

  61. Danny....and his mommyDecember 3, 2012 at 6:52 PM

    Pancreas beware
    I am a superhero
    Armed with insulin

    Danny is my 4year old T1 REAL superhero....and I make sure he knows it everyday!

  62. Jacob's music rocks
    Pancreas is the organ
    he can play no more

  63. Blood Sugar Creeps Up
    What the donut didn't know
    My pump basals well

  64. I want my
    I want my
    I want my Pizza
    I need my
    I need my
    I need my Blue Pump
    For my pancreas cannot come out to play

  65. My Pancreas quit
    I take daily injections
    Broken beta cells

  66. Fingers are real sore
    Red drops rushing out the tip
    Blood sugar is high

  67. Since the contest is over, I'm going with another poetry form:

    My pancreas does do a lot...
    for blood sugars, though, it does not.
    Since those beta cells sleep
    and don't make a peep,
    my Animas sure hits the spot.

  68. I have writer's block
    when a contest's on the line
    now I feel witty

    poor sweet pancreas
    attacked for no good reason
    now just taking space

    love my pancreas
    wish my kid's still worked like mine
    alas it does not

    it's very hard work
    the job of a pancreas
    must be why he quit


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