Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 Recap.

I just realized I didn't do a year-end recap for 2011, but did a partial one in 2010, so hey, why not start doing them for real in 2012? No time like the present. (And thanks to Kerri for the go-ahead to copycat her meme!) 

January: "Last night, MTV aired an episode of its series "True Life", called "True Life: I Have Diabetes".

February: "You know that moment where your diabetes-related spidey sense kicks in, and you can't help but stumble all over yourself?"

March: "Someone please explain this to me." 

April: "On Saturday, Aaron and I got all gussied up to attend a local JDRF Gala."

May: "Everyone else has Siri. I want a Bigi."

June: "The You Can Do This Project turns one year old today!"

July: "Yesterday, my friend Wendy shared something about her young daughter on Facebook."

August: "My time spent at the Roche Social Media Summit gave me a lot to think about."

September: "Over the course of several months I've been making small but cumulative changes to things like what I eat, how much I eat, how much I exercise, and most importantly, how my mind frames all of those activities."

October: "Last week I saw what was probably intended as a passing comment, claiming that "information is the antidote to fear" when it comes to health."

November: "To the marketers, communicators, fundraisers, educators, healthcare providers, medical students, and everyone else who wants to talk about diabetes in a public way: please choose your words wisely."

December: "It's the first day of Give All The Things! Ready? Let's do this!"


  1. Congratulations on an always compelling, always must-read year. What if 2013 is even bigger and better? Happy New Year

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