Monday, August 27, 2012

Things To Love.

Even with all of the really big items on the "this is horrible" list of living with diabetes, there are a few things I relish.

One is the reaction I receive when using the iBGStar to check how the ol' blood is doing in environments like bars. When you're three sheets to the wind, things like glucose meters that attach to an iPhone will BLOW YOUR MIND OFF.

"What are you doing? ... wait. Wait, is that a meter? It's part of your phone? There's an app for that?!?"

Indeed, tipsy stranger. There is an app for that.

(Side note: the next time someone asks, I'm telling them that it tests my blood alcohol level and will be taking a mental video of their reaction for replay when I need something to giggle about later.)

One more thing to love: waking up to a between-the-lines graph after a night of beverages and dancing.



  1. Mental video? With iPhone-in-hand, can't you take a real video?

  2. Is that a case for your iphone AND the iBGstar?? I've been looking and was told that they're not available in the US....yet. That's it, I'm moving to Canada!


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