Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Simon Says "Temp Basal".

It occurs to me that when I'm able to successfully program a temp basal through my clothing, instead of having to pull out my insulin pump to look at the screen - and the sounds on my pump are disabled, which means I'm just counting button presses - it's a lot like beating this guy:

...and it makes me wish that Barney Stinson were a real person, as immediately afterwards I would meet him for a drink because HIGH FIVE WHAT IS UP.


  1. So, you're a T1 who likes HIMYM. Ummmmm, we need to hang. Haha!

    Seriously enjoy your posts! Keep on keepin' on!

  2. Well, people used to think that I looked like Neil Patrick Harris. ...of course, that's when I was 10 and he was Doogie Howser. At least one of us got better-looking with age.

  3. I need to see you do this in person because it seems impossible. If you do, we can reenact the high-five!

  4. I've *almost* managed to do this - but I always get worried that I'm NOT counting button presses correctly and end up fishing the pump out to finish up the process.


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