Wednesday, August 8, 2012


On Tuesday morning - the finale of the Roche Social Media Summit - our group was given a chance to hear from the rock climbing, type 1 diabetes-having, and all-around inspiring Steve Richert. Together with his wife Stefanie, he founded LivingVertical - an organization that aims to "empower people with diabetes to overcome daily challenges" by showing what you can do (hat tip!) with diabetes. Project 365 is a self-imposed initiative that Steve and Stefanie signed on for - a documentary they're filming that requires Steve to climb every day for a year. It means that they quit their jobs, sold their home and most of their worldly belongings, and packed up their car to go live on the road while making the documentary.

Dude. Yeah.

Here's a snippet of Steve's talk, along with a bit of the Q&A session:

He was also nice enough to agree to film a You Can Do This video, and share some images and climbing footage to go along with it:

A little fundraising call-to-action was announced as well: Roche has gotten behind what he's doing and will be donating $1 to Steve's foundation, LivingVertical (up to $15,000) for every "like" that this video gets. Head to to find out more about Steve and his journey, and follow their blog at

Go Steve, go!

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