Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pockets and Ruffles Needed.

So. Much. Going. On. Bullet points to the rescue!
  • I signed up for Tumblr after searching the diabetes hashtag (is it called that, there?) and wishing I could connect with those folks. I am finding out that I have little to no idea how this site works. Can I comment on stuff? (Doesn't seem like it.) It took me a really long time to even figure out how to change the blog title from "Untitled". Sigh.
  • I'm attending a local JDRF Gala this Saturday and am freaking out a bit; partly because I'm in the fundraising video this year (maybe I'll be able to share it after the event - we'll see), partly because I'll be speaking (only for about a minute, after the video has played - like, "Oh! Look! She's a real person!", and partly because I'm having last-minute panic that my dress isn't dressy enough. Accessory shopping, you are in my future.
  • Brussel sprouts were consumed in our home for the first time last night, and they actually weren't terrible. I dare say that I actually enjoyed them.
  • Also for the first time, I managed to forget THREE important things this morning: my medical ID, my wedding rings, AND my Dexcom receiver. I'm winning all over the place today, so watch out.
  • Speaking of my Dexcom and the Gala, I just realized that I'm probably not going to be able to fit both my insulin pump AND my CGM inside my dress. Why didn't I buy a dress with pockets, or with eye-deceiving ruffles of some sort?
  • Just when I think I won't have time to draw any cartoons for a good long while because I'm working on other things, I see Ryan Gosling show up on Pinterest, Tumblr and Facebook and decide that, okay, maybe I should keep drawing, because people seem to be fond of these things.
  • I have no idea what's being said in this video (it's in Japanese), but that does not make it any less awesome.
  • Also, you haven't had any Billy pictures for a while. Here's your remedy:


  1. I recently decreed that all new clothing purchases shall contain pockets. Or some budding entrepreneur must develop a Dex-friendly pocket that we can secretly attach to the inside of our clothes! Without the obvious lump. Anyway, thanks for the Billy photo, though it's making me sleeeeeeepy!

  2. awesome video! very cool! good luck at your Gala saturday! have fun. and Billy is soooooo cute! i want one!

  3. I never gave Ryan Gosling or the "hey girl" meme a chance until Crazy, Stupid, Love.


  4. Kim, please don't give up on the cartoons - I love them! That little image of you on the left side, with the wave and the half-smile really says a lot (to me, anyway). I imagine that the unwritten caption is "Even when diabetes is tough, I still can manage to smile and have fun. Nice to meet you!". And that one with the lab mouse pulling an insulin pump behind him is priceless. I'd proudly wear it on a T-shirt.

  5. first of all, brussels sprouts are AWESOME!
    and thanks for reminding me about that video.
    You'll do great.. you've got loads of confidence!

  6. i think on tumblr they're just called "tags" and the only way to comment is to add something after you reblog it. in my experience anyway, though i may be doin' it wrong. ;P

    good luck at the gala, i'm sure you'll be grand! :)

    thanks for the billy pic and that video. it's kinda mindblowing!

    and yay for continuing on the artist tip, because i love your work!

  7. Bullet points for the soul. And that dog? AWESOME. Good luck at the gala speech, Kim. You'll do great!

  8. You'll knock their socks off at the Gala - just be you. That video is awesome. And please don't ever think about not drawing. Your creative inner-Kim will rebel and do something hardcore if you do.


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