Monday, April 2, 2012

Medtronic Diabetes Advocate Forum: A Few Visuals.

I spent the past four days in the Los Angeles area in order to attend the 2nd annual Medtronic Diabetes Advocate Forum, and I'm totally exhausted.

You'll have to give me a bit of recovery time before I go into details, but in the meantime, here are a few snapshots. (I'm also working on getting some video up - bear with me?)

DSMA Live presents Manny Hernandez with the first DSMA Salutes award for his advocacy work in the diabetes community.
DSMA Live - if you missed the episode, visit

George Simmons, Kelly Kunik and Kelly Close lead a group discussion.
Group discussion led by George, Kelly and Kelly.

What heaven looks like.
Well of course we did.

Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica Pier.

How did the Getty Museum know to mark this hallway just for us?
I guess we were meant to be at the Getty Museum? (L to R: Bennet Dunlap, Kelly Kunik,
Leighann Calentine, Sara Nicastro, Karen Graffeo, Mike Hoskins, and part of
Jess Collins' head.) 
Van Gooooooogh!
Van Gogh! My hero! Also, neveryoumind the rain-induced mess of a hairdo I've got going.

Blue Friday!! (photo credit: Cherise Shockley) L to R: Kelly Close,
Mike Hoskins, Karen Graffeo, Leighann Calentine, me (Kim Vlasnik),
Sara Nicastro, Scott Johnson, Amanda Sheldon (Medtronic), Jess Collins,
Sarah (Sugabetic), Cherise Shockley
Disclosure Time: Medtronic paid for my flights, meals and ground transportation during the Forum Thursday evening and Friday. I, and others, chose to stay an extra day and were on our own for costs incurred during that time. We were not paid to attend, nor are we obligated to write about the Forum. 


  1. thanks for posting the pics, kim! what am i doing in the first one, though? seriously...

    1. I think you thought you were backed up enough to be out of the frame :)

      I mean, Kim could have cropped you out...


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