Friday, April 27, 2012

Meggins and Patterns.

The internet can be a pretty smart place.

There are certain things I'm not going to go online to find answers for - I won't, for example, ask someone what my insulin to carb ratio should be, or start taking certain vitamins because I see that someone else is. That's not really the role of this whole online health-related space - that's for a doctor and a patient to sit down and discuss.

What I do use social media for are things like suggestions for new foods to try, a reassurance that I'm not the only PWD who has a gusher/rarely changes their lancet/spends hours above 300 sometimes/thinks CGMs are the best things since sliced cheese. (Bread is overrated.)

I recently posted on my Facebook page that I was looking for new ideas for low-carb breakfast options that I could eat on the go. We've gotten into a food-related rut of sorts in the Vlasnik household, and I have been seeing numbers higher than I'm comfortable with after breakfast each morning during the week. For a while. Like, I've been in the 200's after breakfast for weeks and I've done pretty much nothing to work on it.


Several of the suggestions centered around "egg muffins" of a sort. (Muffin eggs? Muggins? Meggins? Eggfins?) Given that we had some asparagus, bacon and cheese on hand, I gave it a go. And guess what?

THEY WERE DELICIOUS. And I topped out at 182... not bad.

There is no real recipe; I just scrambled up some eggs (I added a splash of milk) and threw the rest of the ingredients in; baked for 25 minutes on 350 heat... boom! Breakfast, you got served!

And secondly, I'm kind of bad at spotting patterns. (Maybe you knew this already.) Case in point:

I'm glad someone could see a pattern, because I sure failed to notice it. My adjusted basal rates thank you, Sara.

The internet: useful in ways that continue to astound me.


  1. Yum!! Those look delicious....must try them. I love your square (rectangle?) meggin pans. Cute!

  2. The Twitter "logbook" is beyond awesome. Better living through technology, even when we least expect it...

  3. I bought that pan to make Lego cupcakes for my son's upcoming birthday. I'll have to use it to make some egg muffins. Did you freeze them? I've heard some people make a huge batch and freeze them for later.

  4. I'm sure you could freeze them, but we stuck with the fridge since they'd be gone within a few days. :)

  5. So, you put the raw eggs right in the oven, or does "scrambled" mean they're fried first. (Even though I'm the cook in my family, the basic stuff tends to elude me)? And can you eat them in a car without making a gloppy mess on your lap? I just might have to try these.

  6. Yummo. Everyone loves them here. I need to get some eggs...

  7. omg those look DELISH! better living through social media, love it! props to sara! ;)

  8. I mean, you were dancing every night and then tweeting that you were low... every night.

    Just think of me as your giant long distance log book. :D

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