Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Feedback = Action.

Thank you to everyone who filled out the You Can Do This Project survey last week - I got so many responses that I had to close the survey early. Wow! (SurveyMonkey only allows 100 responses. I didn't think I'd get that many.)

I learned some things, I gained some reassurance about some things, and I received some new ideas that I wish I had thought of earlier.

Here are some of the results:

In short, I have some work to do. In the coming weeks I'll be revamping to make it easier to navigate (I hope) and get all of the stuff in one place (read: no link list on this site anymore). Also, I apparently need to start tracking down some Camera Corgis.

Question 7 was especially enlightening, because a couple of those options were in the far-fetched category of my brain. They were the kind of "dream big" items I assumed could only happen at some point in the distant future. And as such, I tweeted this after seeing the feedback that was coming in:

And then something a little bit astonishing happened.

People started asking me where they could donate.

I got a flood of tweets and private messages, emails, and texts. I started realizing that the distant future might, in actuality, be this July.

I emailed the folks at CWD (who run the Friends For Life conference) and found out what it takes to get a booth there, and while I can afford to get myself there, I can't also cover the costs associated with running a successful booth. I've never done anything like this before, and I'm still trying to figure out how this is going to happen.

That's where I'm hoping you'll come in.

(You can also find this appeal on the You Can Do This Project website, under the "Donate" tab.)

If you're feeling inspired to help this happen, you can donate through the Paypal button found below. (Hopefully it works? First time I've done this.) Much in the same way that just one of the videos can impact multiple people, every dollar donated can help the project reach hundreds of people. No donation is too small. 

Fingers crossed - let's get You Can Do This to one of the biggest diabetes conferences in the U.S.!

Thank you in advance!!

UPDATE: $205 raised in the first two hours!

UPDATE #2: GOAL REACHED after five hours!!! Thank you SO MUCH - You Can Do This Project WILL be at FFL this year, thanks to you! (Donations from here on out will help fund table setup for FFL, and a table at TCOYD this year in Des Moines on 9/22!)


  1. kim! the video looks FANTASTIC!!! way to go!

    i am SO EXCITED to see where the project goes! :D

  2. I think this is definitely doable. I will be happy to donate, although I won't be able to attend. It would be great if you could have your corgis at the booth to video as many stories as possible during the event(I realize that is asking a LOT of one person). I've seen similar video/audio history efforts at museums, etc. and they are always popular. Good Luck!

  3. I think this goal can be blown out by the end of the business day. Go get 'em, Kim!!

  4. ROCK ON! I still need to submit my video.. I recorded one back in May or June but never got the courage to share. O_o

  5. YAY!!!!!! I'm so excited to know you'll be there!!!!

    We're going to FFL as first timers this summer (as long as there aren't any unforeseen circumstances).....looking forward to meeting you IRL!

  6. I have been confused on this "u can do this" thing. But, I am not your most internet savy person. Maybe in the future "I can do it" as well.

  7. YAY! So glad to hear that the goal has been reached. Onward and upward, my friend!

  8. Forget the 'Like' button. We need a 'Fist Bump and EXPLOSION' button.


  9. @The Diabetic Camper: Hi! I'm happy to answer any questions you have, either here or by email. :)

  10. Kim, I am so glad you reached your goal. I have a friend that does banner prints and will ask how much that will cost if you want?

  11. look how much can happen in such a short time. dream big, man. and congratu-freaking-lations! :D

  12. And now I have to start saving my money to make it to Des Moines! Jess says it is cheaper to fly in to KC and drive up (?) with her. It might be a trick but I'm okay with that ;)


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