Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dancin'! Dancin'!

Ever since the beginning of the year, I've been meaning to find some different ways of getting my exercise on. Originally Aaron and I thought we'd give P90X a go, but when we realized what was actually involved (holy crap, are you kidding me?) we knew that wasn't a realistic program for us to start with. I then set my sights on something dance-based, because I knew I'd likely enjoy that more than anything else - and if you enjoy it, you're more likely to actually do it, right?

I had talked to a few people on Twitter who had done stuff like Zumba and TurboJam. I'm sure those programs are wonderful for some, but really, they just intimidated me. I mean, look at the blonde lady on the TurboJam site. She looks way too happy about working out. I don't trust her face.

Then my friend George wrote about getting a Kinect, and using Dance Central 2 for exercise. For one, George has good taste so I probably would have tried it based on his recommendation alone, but secondly, the trailer video he shared in his post made that game look SO FUN. Who doesn't want to shake it to some Montell Jordan or Missy Elliott?

Or Chingy. Five stars. NBD.

Long story made blogable, Aaron was able to find a Kinect and DC2 on that list that Craig has (we already had an XBox), and now our basement living room has become a dance floor. I did my first "real" workout with it yesterday, and I'm telling you - it didn't feel like 30 minutes! I actually had to double check the time because I didn't believe I'd been at it that long. I also love that unlike using the Wii for example, I don't have to hold a remote or stand on a board for it to give me feedback on how I'm doing.

So, for now - that's what I'm doing. What exercise do you all enjoy when it's too cold to venture outside?


  1. I use the Kinect. It's how I did my BigBlueTest this past November! It's SOOO fun! Plus, the baby likes it. He bounces in his jumparoo thingy while I dance!

    1. I'm SugabeticMe! But I think I have JustDance 2 or 3.. I'll have to check when I go home.

  2. The best exercise ever! It's just like you said, it doesn't feel like 30 minutes!

    My xbox screen name is Pholmphy (don't ask) add me so we can play together!


    Thanks for the shout out too and the compliment. :)

  3. Gosh that sounds like fun! I've wanted to be a dancer since I was a little girl but never really had the talent or opportunity. Maybe this is a way that I can "live my dream" without embarrassing myself in front of others. ;) I currently ride my recumbant bike in front of a tv and watch movies. It's not as fun as what you're describing but it works for me. 30-60 min each day!!

  4. so fun! we got just dance 2 for the wii this christmas and we've played it a few times, and the kid's BG goes down every time!


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