Thursday, February 16, 2012

Asking For Feedback.

Over the past several months, I've been running this video project thing called You Can Do This. It has been awesome, and while I'm so very proud of everything that's been contributed and the impact it's had on people, I feel like there is potential for it to do so much more to help people feel okay about this whole 'living with diabetes' thing. There are so many more people to reach. So much more good to do.

(I also will mention that there have been some behind-the-scenes things that almost happened last year, but because of timing or other reasons, just didn't. Which is a huge bummer, because they would have been awesome. Those doors aren't closed yet, however.)

My feeling is that while I may have created the project, I may not necessarily know everything there is to know when it comes to carrying out all of my ideas, or when it comes to expanding the project's reach. I am a fan of crowdsourcing, and I'm hoping you'll help me a bit with this.

In an effort to figure out both where it's been and where the people who are helped by this stuff would like to see it go, I created a survey that you can find by clicking here. It's just 9 questions (but two pages - just click "next" at the bottom to find the last five questions) and shouldn't take too long, but I'd really appreciate any feedback you can give me. I want to make sure I'm staying true to what people expect and want from You Can Do This - because it's about you guys, not me.

What's that? You'd like to be bribed in order to take the survey? Well, fine. Here you go.

Updated: I should mention that I'm leaving the survey up through the weekend, so it will close on 2/19/12 at midnight.


  1. i am so freaking excited to see where this project goes in the next year! you've already done so much for so many. :)

  2. There is victory to be had when it comes to diabetic living!!! When people raise their voices, they will be heard. This project flies the flag of encouragement unto victory, an incredibly valuable an noble undertaking.

  3. Clicking over the take the survey now, but I forgot that I had wanted to let you know I included You Can Do This in my talks / slides at the TCOYD conference last weekend!! :)


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