Friday, January 27, 2012

Little Steps.

Thanks in part to all of the supportive comments and tweets I received on Monday, I'm feeling a little refreshed on this whole diabetes thing. I subbed a couple of salads for "other stuff I would have eaten" this week, Billy and I went for a long walk last night, and I've actually had some rather pretty CGM graphs - with the fingersticks to back them up.

There were many nights where, handful of (proper) pills in hand, I did what I am supposed to do. I thought of you guys.

And pump supplies? Ordered. Much more expensive than I expected them to be, but I have them in my clutches.

I'm feeling a little more confident; a little less tired.

I'm feeling ready to get back on the unicorn horse.

Thank you for that.

* * * * * 

In other news, I'll be hosting the first round of the freshly reorganized Best of the 'Betes Blogs awards this coming Wednesday, February 1st. 

What's new about this version, you ask? Here's an explanation, in Sara's words:

When George and I came up with the idea for the Best ‘Betes Blogs, the purpose was to bring attention to the great blogs posts from around the diabetes community. There are so many tremendous bloggers and well-written posts, with new bloggers joining us almost daily; it can be difficult to follow everything. By giving people the opportunity to nominate blogs, the hope is to connect everyone’s circles together and allow people to expand their network of support and encouragement.

Finding more people and expanding support networks? I can totally get behind that.

So here's what you can do, to help us get the ball rolling on this new format: 

Nominations are now open all month long. If you read a post that deserves a nomination, send an e-mail to with a link to the specific post and the category in which the post fits OR use twitter to direct message the Best of the ‘Betes Blogs Twitter account (@bestbetesblogs) with the same information.


Keep in mind that you don't have to nominate in ALL categories - if you want to just nominate one or two, that's totally fine.

And in case you are not familiar with the categories, here they are:

Best Use of Humor
Best Vlog
Best Recipe
Best Use of Photography
Best Advocacy
Best Reference to a D-Celebrity
Best Story of a D Meet-up
Best non-D Related Post
Best Post by a Type 1
Best Post by a Type 2
Best Post by a Type Awesome
Best Post by a LADA/ Type 1.5/ Not otherwise specified
Best story of a D-mistake
Best Motivational Post 
Best Diabetes Art

Happy voting, and I look forward to seeing the posts you all nominate!


  1. yay, kim! one day at a time, friend. <3

  2. Good for you, Kim. I am happy to hear you're back on the horse. I, however, am not. I realllllly struggle when I try to do everything perfectly and I still have readings over 300. I think, "Why even try?" I know that's not the attitude. But this is my 20th year as a diabetic and I'm just worn out. I am sure you know the feeling. I used to think, "One good thing about diabetes is every day you get the chance to try again." And that's true, but somehow the chirpy optimist in me is getting squelched by these 300-400+ levels. The pure meanness in my voice the other day when I snapped at my seven-year-old prompted me to test and sure enough, I was over 300. I will try to swing myself back into the saddle again. I know and have been told a million times it will never be perfect, but somehow, when I do my best with eating, I expect this disease to behave. I need to just remember sometimes it won't, and that's okay, I should keep trying, and not break out the chips and cheese (one of my weaknesses) for a pity party. There's such a fine line these days between the things I can change and the things I can't. Love to all.

    1. Is that an orange DexCom case? *do want* Do they still sell them? I've been meaning to get one but don't want to call them just to find out they only have lame colors... They need to get their online store back up!

  3. Hi Jackie - no, it is a pink one. The Instagram filter I used does make it look a little bit orange, doesn't it? Sorry to lead you on!

  4. Nice graph!

    I missed the twitter stuff but glad to see your back on the unicorn, (love that).

    Thank you for always helping. Me see what challenges my son may face or even be facing.

  5. Dumb girl question... nominations were due last Sunday for the month of January, correct? (And clearly I'm behind in reading my D-blogs.)

  6. Victoria - you are correct. :)


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