Monday, January 2, 2012

Splenda Tastes Gross To Me, And It's All International Delight's Fault.

As I have for the past few seasons, I've been borderline-stalking the dairy section of Walmart in search of the best coffee creamer I've ever had the pleasure of guzzling.

It looks like this:

My supply from last year. If you find this stuff, will you
let me know? I will pay shipping. And I will send a fleet
of invisible monkeys who will do your house cleaning
while you sleep. No, wait, that's probably way more creepy
than helpful. Forget that last part.

This year, however, it would seem that International Delight doesn't want me to revel in their mint-and-mocha goodness. If I could have found a store that actually stocks (instead of their website saying they do, but the local store saying they don't) this sweet nectar, I would have bought out their supply in a heartbeat.

It's partly because of this inventory fail, and partly because on a whim I tried a non-sweetened latte a few weeks back and really dug it, that I've started transitioning to this person who drinks non-fancy coffee. I've historically been a "I'd like sugar and milk with a side of coffee, please" type of coffee drinker for a good long while now. I don't order black coffee, EVER, so this is a little huge for me.

And oh yeah, there was that article on MSN that totally freaked me out about my sweetener of choice, calling it "one of the worst" out there. (It also said that Truvia is one of the better ones - and so I now have a jar of that at home. It isn't as bad as I remembered it being the first time I tried it. It's pretty okeh!)

The bottom line is that I haven't added Splenda or sugar-free syrups to much of anything for the last two weeks, and I'm a little amazed at how much I don't currently miss it. In fact, I added a couple packets to my coffee the other day - just to see how it would taste - and I actually made an "Eww!" face.

2012 is the year I plan to make some good, but not foolproof, changes in life. My choice of coffee condiments might seem an insignificant alteration, but I think it's as good a place as any to begin.


  1. Apparently, it's a coffee conspiracy... or something like that. As a black coffee drinker, I raise my non-polluted cup of java to you and say, "Happy New Year - whatever the condiments may entail." Here's to a great 2012, Kim!

  2. Oh, you coffee drinkers!

    Just switch to all soda like me - I am very well preserved.

  3. You and me both, lady. I've stopped using any sweetener in my coffee at all (!) and switched to a little brown sugar in my oatmeal.

    Baby steps...

  4. Little ripples make big (and sometimes tasty) waves~

  5. Mmmmm.....that stuff looks downright Heavenly.

    We've gotten away from most sweeteners as well. Using the real thing in small amounts, and it's been going really well.

    And now I must go find some minty chocolate. I'm not sure why...

  6. Frankly, the tiny amount of Splenda I use in my daily coffee is not enough to make a difference. Besides, the amount of maltodextrin contained in Truvia and Purevia more than offsets it's so-called "natural" benefits.

  7. i bow to your superior taste buds!

    i cannot do without sweet n low in my coffee. i have tried. but to be fair, my coffee has more coffee than sweetener and creamer. it still looks like coffee! :)

  8. Good for you! I don't sweeten my coffee but I do use sweeteners in other places. I too have decided to "go natural" and use less. Here's hoping we both succeed!

  9. I gave up splenda for Truvia for a year but Truvia has erythritol as the first ingredient. It is a sugar alcohol and it bothered me. I feel so much better not using it. I don't drink diet soda or sweeten my coffee except for sweet n low occasionally. Beware of Truvia. They have good advertisers but the actual product is not that good.

  10. I used to drink lattes with a splenda or two, but I stopped probably almost two years ago, and now I can't drink them sweetened at all - I love them unsweetened, just milk and espresso ( even better with a cookie on the side :)
    I don't use splenda in the kitchen, either - mostly because my husband hates the taste but also because I'd rather use sugar ( in moderation) than artificial sweeteners...

  11. I heart the pink stuff, so I should be dead my 42, or at least have an extra arm or something. Actually, I really like Truvia and have been meaning to try Stevia. Biggest issue for me is the price. Waaaay more expensive than the pink stuff that's killing me slowly. :)

    P.S. I will look for the creamer here but ONLY if you send the monkeys.

    P.P.S. I just typed PP on your blog. And I'm 12.

    P.P.P.S. The monkeys vacuum dog hair -- that's really my only requirement.


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