Tuesday, November 29, 2011

This Might Be Why They Know Who I Am Before I Tell Them My Name.


Kim walks towards the back end of the store but gets sidetracked by some Pinot Grigio in the clearance bin. Somehow, a bottle ends up joining her on the journey.

She approaches the counter. And waits.

The pharmacist finishes up with the drive-through customer and heads towards the counter.


The pharmacist pivots and heads straight for the refrigerator. She returns with bottles of insulin.

Kim plops her wine bottle on the counter. The pharmacist eyes it for a couple seconds, rings it up along with the prescription, and begins to bag the items. Kim realizes what the pharmacist must be thinking.

KIM: Well, you know. One keeps me alive... the other keeps me sane.

The pharmacist smirks.


  1. Hahaha! Can you afford the wine after the insulin, test strips, ketones strips, omnipods, etc.? They're probably waiting for you to show up with a ski mask and pistol!

    Thanks for the laugh!

  2. It took me a full five minutes to shake off my envy of your ability to buy wine at the pharmacy (alcohol is only sold in liquor stores - or "packies" - here in RI). But all jealousy aside, I love this. :)

  3. You can buy wine at Walgreens in Nebraska? One way Colorado is more back-asswards... (sorry...)

  4. This is fantastical. I've never contemplated buying wine AT the pharmacy counter, but I am so going there on the next refill trip to Target. Love this.


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