Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Road Trip!

Aaron and I just got back from a five-day weekend in the great state of Indiana, as we attended our friends' wedding (Yay Erin and Adam!!) and got into some other antics. Thoughts and highlights:

  • Indiana - at least, the part we were in - is so scenic this time of year! I felt like I was living inside of a postcard photo. But did I think to take pictures of the scenery? I did not.
  • The wedding was beautiful, and I DID remember to take pictures of that.
  • I also made sure to snap a picture of this banner at the church. I know that our friends did not personally select this to adorn the church wall for their wedding, so I feel (relatively) safe in saying... wow. Red eyes, pale skin, and outstretched bloody hands? You decide what that means.
  • In the olden days before I had this certain type of diabetes-centric confidence, I would have balked at wearing a dress to a wedding. (Why? Because dresses don't generally have nifty pockets to house various diabetes paraphernalia. I felt condemned to pants.) This weekend was an occasion where I felt comfortable in my own skin, so to speak. My insulin pump was hooked onto the front of my bra, my Dexcom receiver was stuffed into the side, and my confidence was on the dance floor. And guess what? No one noticed the robot parts. (Well, they didn't notice until later in the evening when I made it a point to be all blatant and "look at how MacGyver I was tonight!" about it with some of the bridal party - whom I had met for the first time that weekend. There may have been some wine involved earlier in the night.)
  • Being in Indiana also meant that Aaron and I got to grab some lunch with some DOC friends - Cherise (and her daughter) and Mike (and his wife)! We decided that while we were together, we should do a Big Blue Test by testing, walking around downtown Indy's Monument Circle, and testing again. Want to know what the Big Blue Test is and how you can do it, too? Go check out http://www.bigbluetest.org/ for more info! (There also may be video evidence of our walk and results coming soon. Maybe.)
  • Indiana has both Dunkin' Donuts and Chick-Fil-A, which meant that Aaron and I both got to satisfy our less-than-healthy food cravings. We also tried Steak 'n Shake for the first time. We were less than impressed. 
  • Since Eli Lilly has a huge campus right by the part of downtown we stayed at, I was hoping to swing through and take a look. (Because that's what normal people do on vacation, right? Visit the pharmaceutical companies that make their life-saving medication?) Unfortunately, the Colts game foiled our plans and this is as close as I got. (Also, I have no idea why this bullet point is centered.)

  • The hotel we stayed in Saturday night is housed inside of Indianapolis' historic Union Station, which meant that the hotel actually had (non-working) train cars in it. What's that? You want to know if I was totally solemn and serious while standing on one of the train car's steps? 

In short: we had a great time. :)

Disclaimer: Lilly did not ask me to visit them or mention them in this post. I wanted to go because I'm a huge nerd who will make special travel plans to accomodate diabetes-centric tourist destinations. Like you do.


  1. I'd have been all over that train!!!

  2. Well... the bullet point is centered because the picture underneath it is and the auto formatting in the html of blogger thinks you want both centered. But you didn't really want someone to answer that, did you? ;)

    P.S. Your train picture makes me happy inside!

  3. i love your bullet points and i love your pics! i especially love how the last one looks like you just finished an amazing broadway number! way to rock the roboparts in a dress!


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