Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Dog Got Fan Mail, And It Is Awesome.

(Alternate titles: "What The What?", "It's Not Every Day That The Postman Brings You Questionable Dog Photos", and "Billy Corgin: Ladies' Dog".)

Well, this is a first:

It appears that my dog has an admirer. That admirer sent a love letter. Which also included some borderline salacious canine photos.

Note the lewd pose on the left. 
In case you can't read the letter, it says:

Dear Billy,

My mom knows your mom, and I think I love you. She says we should be friends first, and get to know each other, maybe at a park together. You are a smart, happy dog with short legs. Do you like small, feisty, fluffy and slightly older girls? I hope you do.



As it turns out, I may not be the only crazy dog lady out there. (Also, thank you for making me laugh so hard that I scared the dog, C. Totally worth it.)


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