Friday, September 2, 2011

A Morning Full Of Yuck.

(This is the first time I'm trying to do a blog post through email, instead of signing into Blogger [which I can't do at work] and posting from there - so my apologies if this ends up being all goofy-looking.)
When I woke up this morning, I saw this:

Then this:

Followed by this discovery:

I was sulking, and hungry (no breakfast until I'm under 200 at least), and feeling pretty grumpy. I checked my Twitter mentions - part of my waking-up routine - and saw this one from Martin:

"Love the smell of insulin & discovery of a leaky pump set at bedtime. You're still number 1 diabetes! ()"

I had to laugh, which significantly reduced The Grumpy I was feeling. Then, later, I saw this tweet from my friend Sara:

"Ugh! Diabetes fail last night. Sensor fail. Site fail. BG sky high. No extra sensors."

Even though I'm still feeling like crap warmed over, it helps to know that I'm not the only one having a rough time of it today, or ever. Thanks, fellow pancreatic warriors, for helping to remind me that I'm not doing this alone.


  1. When I read the title of your post I could swear the "F" word was in there and I was so excited. Then I read it and realized the "F" word is actually hidden in the title on purpose. F Diabetes. You are not alone, never alone. Shitty way to start a Friday before a long weekend but hopefully early enough to fix the day and forget it ever happened.

  2. Hope you're feeling better and have had some coffee and food.

  3. Stupid diabetes. Hope you're coming down, Kim. Right there in there in waking in that range myself even after correcting at bed. Oh well. We move on. And co-miserate. Lowering vibes your way, my friend.

  4. At least you are at work. The side effects of these ketones have me trapped at home (if you know what I mean).

  5. Seems like all of us are dealing with diabetes crap sometime in the last 24 hours! At least were walking through the muck together!!
    Hope you're feeling better - And awesome job on the outsmarting blogger, blog post!

  6. D stinks that way sometimes. Just go grab some Corgi Cure. My pet's unyielding love always brightens my day, even in bad D situations!

  7. Pancreatic warriors! Love it. And can't stop wondering what sort of battle uniform they'd wear. Would insertion needles be used as spears?

  8. Oh Kim. You are DEFINITELY not alone today. I didn't pull my sensor site out, but my bg's on my CGM have been all OVER the place. Sensor fail three times since i woke up within an hour, cal error's and then when it decided to try and work it shot straight up to 330's and i freaked out, put on a higher increased basal rate to find out i was only in the 170's and that was 2 hour after cereal, so i was completely on track .UUGGGH Diabetes sucks today. Not to mention how much insulin i'm pumping right now for no reason.. only as 15g of soup. ugghh mysteries..

  9. Kim, I hope you are feeling better. The highs and lows just suck. I sure wish it was easier to stay in the normal range. It is amazing how I can eat the same exact thing for lunch 5 days in a row and when I check my BG 3 hours after eating. I can either be high or low, but never the same amount. Go figure

  10. It's really helpful to have you share. I am fighting a cold and the highs that go with it. Last night I slept through what I suspect was a low (sensor says I dipped to 90 after correcting) then bounced back up to 300 for this morning. Sometimes you just can't stop it.

  11. Kim: Is that a Paradigm Silhouette you've got? Normally, for me, anyway, that bit of blood will appear in the cannula early on (maybe even just a speck of it, but it's worth pulling.) Also, how come Dex didn't waken you during the night? Do you have your alarm set not to awaken you as you sleep? I want to be alerted to during-the-night-highs AND lows. Well, YMMV (and, sometimes, "mind your own business," but I just am concerned.) Feel better, may the rest of your day be EUGLYCEMIC!

  12. Anonymous -

    I use Comfort infusion sets from Unomedical - which, apparently, are exactly like the Silhouettes except for the fact that they don't say Medtronic on them anywhere. :) I am a very heavy sleeper, and often sleep right through the Dexcom alarms - volume control is on my wish list for the next gen! (And thanks! Finally returned to "normal" about 12 hours after this post.)

  13. That looks like Js dex today. Blech!

    Thank you for posting, it comforts me as his mom and stand in pancreas, to know its not just us either!

  14. UGH!!!!!!!

    When I see a CGM that looks like that, I want a hide button. have to wait HOURS for it to disappear off the screen and then an entirely new day for all traces to be gone.

    I hope everything is tip top now!

    I feel so much better knowing that this happens to adults with D. It's not just me. WHEW!

  15. Pfff, I suggest having September 2nd as "International Shitty Diabetes' Day". On September 2nd I got my first "vampire site" right after a nice relaxing Pilates class, which actually made me change my site on time (3rd day) although the insulin in my reservoir was supposed to take me through another 24 hours. This on a Friday, after a week of trying to manage the post-workouts sugary rollercoaster. Yay!


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