Thursday, September 8, 2011

Disclosure Update.

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Keeping things transparent is important to me, because I know that as a reader of blogs myself, it's nice to know what people's "deal" is.

I like knowing what may influence a person's opinions and preferences when I read their blogs/articles/videos/tweets/whatever. If someone's making money somewhere, that's a good nugget of information to know. It helps me understand where they're coming from, and how I might filter what they're saying/doing.

Generating an income from an online presence isn't a bad thing at all - heck, that's something I've dreamed about for a while now - from my perspective, as long as everyone knows what the situation is.

In that spirit, I need to update my disclosure statement a bit. My "situation", as it were, is changing.

If you saw my Facebook post or tweets from last weekend, you may have seen that I drew a cartoon that appeared on on Sunday. As was expressed at the bottom of that post, DMine was/is still looking for people who create diabetes-related art in the "snarky but true" category, and they're offering a cash stipend for those contributions.

I wanted to make sure you guys knew what the deal is with me and them - I'll be contributing cartoons for DiabetesMine on a once-a-month basis for a few months (Yay!) as a "testing the waters" sort of thing. We want to make sure that all parties (DMine and myself) are happy with things before we make anything official out of this.

This means that I'm getting paid to draw cartoons (hang on a sec while I do a little happy dance - never thought I'd get to say that!). Not a quitting-my-day-job kind of income, but it's money, and I'm grateful for the opportunity. And in the interest of being straightforward, I want those who read this blog to know about this relationship.

I can also tell you - without being able to tell you very much at all - that there will be some other things over the next few months that I'll be wanting/needing to disclose as well. Exciting things! I just can't tell you, yet.

What I can tell you is that I think it will be awesome, and I hope that you'll think so, too.

Also, thanks for sticking with me, my ramblings, arguably childish drawings, and incessant dog pictures. You guys are troopers. :)


  1. Great job Kim on your new endeavors!!! I always appreciate your cartoons, i can relate and have no artistic ability!!! Go you! And we can NEVER get enough of Mr. Corgi!!!

  2. Thanks for the transparency and openness,Kim. This is awesome to hear about, and congrats on the new "side-gig" venture that lets you express your creative self! Love the cartoons and can't wait to see more as the months go on.

  3. A big yay for the forthcoming exciting things! I'll look forward to hearing about them at the appropriate time. :)

  4. congrats dude! :) and thanks for sharing 'the deal'.

  5. Good for you!!!! That's awesome :)

  6. i think that's really cool! thanks for sharing and "disclosing". i must say though, i am a tad jealous! i cant draw a stick figure!! good luck, and i look forward to your "future disclosures" LOL


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