Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Type 1 Talk: Relaunched and Loaded.

Remember Type 1 Talk? The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation created this project last fall to organize local meet-ups on World Diabetes Day. Type 1 Talk is an events tool on Facebook that allows users to create or search for local type 1 related events, aiming to get those of us online to connect with others in our community offline.

Type 1 Talk has been relaunched, and can now be used to post events on any day of the year! For someone like myself, who doesn't know many other PWDs locally, this could be a great way to reach out and find people to connect with (in person!) on a regular basis.

And along with this relaunch comes a pretty cool incentive to utilize it - like, right now.

You could win a trip to JDRF Government Day 2012.

Wait, that announcement didn't do it justice...


Here's the details on how to get entered in the drawing, straight from the email I got last night from JDRF Advocacy:

To help celebrate the re-launch of the new and improved Type 1 Talk, we're offering up a trip to Government Day.  Anyone who posts and holds an event in April or May will be entered into a random drawing for a trip to Government Day in 2012 (typically scheduled for early March.)  To be eligible for the prize, you must post photos of your April/May event on our Type 1 Talk fan page and complete the post-event host survey.  All photos and surveys must be submitted before the drawing takes place on June 7th. 
So, let's recap: you'll get to meet and hang out with other PWDs in your area, have your event searchable by any PWD who is Facebook-savvy (hi, free promotion!), AND get entered to win a free trip to Washington D.C. to meet with your members of Congress and take part in Government Day next year?

What more could a diabetes advocate ask for?

* * * * *

Disclosure: JDRF did not ask me to write about Type 1 Talk - but I did, because that's how I roll. The email I received with the information on the relaunch (and prize) was a result of being signed up as a JDRF Advocate - you can join in here!


  1. You rock. That is all. Oh, and by the way, thank you for helping spread word about this great Type 1 Talk effort. Hopefully it grows and people embrace it more broadly.

  2. Kim---I'm totally lost when it comes to hooking up with JDRF locally. Any tips? Going to a walk or other event completely overwhelms me. I swear I need someone to hold my hand while I try to get involved locally....

  3. Thanks for the post, I am glad they've relaunched and made the functionality available anytime!


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