Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Promise Book.

My quest for coffee this morning (beyond the Free Office-made variety, which just wasn't cutting it) led me to a local coffee house. Normally I default to Starbucks, but in an effort to Be A Responsible Consumer and whatnot, I decided I'd go somewhere else.

A couple of co-workers and I strolled down the street from work, to a walk-up coffee place. (Hut? Stand? Cove? I'm not sure.) This place has been around for a couple of years, and is so close to work for me that I can see their sign from my building - so I'm not sure why they aren't top of mind for me when I think "OMG CAFFEINE NOW".

Anyway, as I was standing there waiting for my skinny Vanilla Latte, I noticed a handmade sign taped to the window: "We accept cash, checks, and promises."


Promises? Really? Huh.

And just as I was thinking, "how does that even work?", my co-worker tried to hand the Coffee Dude her debit card. Coffee Dude is one of those ultra laid-back, hair in a messy ponytail, wearing-corduroy-pants-even-when-it's-eighty-degrees, perma-grin guys.

"Oh, I'm sorry, we can't take cards. But hang on! Let me get the Promise Book."

The whaaaa?

Coffee Dude had a well-worn notebook in hand, ready to take down my co-worker's name. "It's cool. You can just bring money later, whenever you can, okay?" My business degree and experience with How The Real World Works didn't allow me to feel comfortable with that arrangement, so I ponied up a few bucks and covered her coffee for her.

"Are you sure? Because it's really okay. You don't have to...", he said.

"Yep, I'm sure. Besides - I know where she works, right?", and shook my fist, comically.

I also told him he needs to get a tip jar going at the window. Baristas can't subsist on promises alone.

As we walked back, I kept thinking about the concept behind that Promise Book. I've decided that, in lieu of a cure for diabetes, I'd like a Diabetes Promise Book.

For the times when I know I need a workout, but don't have time - maybe diabetes could just play nice until I get around to it.

For the times I'm stuck at work, while my failure to plan ahead has left me with no test strips, pump cartridge replacement supplies, or a pump at all. (Hey, that's only happened twice.)

For the times I didn't get the carb to everything else ratio quite right.

For the times I sleep right through my CGM low or high alarms. (Hey, that happens all the time, actually.)

For the times I want to be on the ball, peppy and energetic - but that glycemic swingset inside of me won't be having any of that, thankyouverymuch.

For the times I don't realize until too late that I'm out of glucose tabs, and have to stumble somewhere to buy something to treat with.

And for the times that diabetes seems just a little bit bigger than me and my ability to conquer it.


  1. I love this. I love the idea of a promise book at all (what a cool coffee spot!), and I *really* love your idea of a D-Promise Book. I smiled all the way through this post in agreement. :)

  2. Oh Kim. This hit me right where I needed it today. I'd love a diabetes promise book, but it reminded me to keep a promise book of my own--to extend grace when I'd prefer not to, or when by all rights I shouldn't have to. Especially on days like today, when I'd like to strangle half of my family ;-) Thanks, as always, for touching not just the diabetic in me. :-)

  3. I've been sitting here for 5 minutes trying to wrap my brain around that book. Who knew that a book like that could exist in this day and age. Amazing, really.

    If I had a metaphorical promise book, I'd probably fill it up in a day.

    PS You have a paperweight with that quote on my blog?? Is it like a huge boulder?? That is a big quote. :)

  4. That must have been Brian working.. He is an old friend of mine. :)

  5. Sarah and Katie - thank you! :)

    Meri - It's an abbreviated version of it, but yes! I think it's actually still packed up from when we moved into our house, but I have it *somewhere*. And now I wish I were home looking for it! :)

    Meesh - If so, I am a fan of Brian! I assured him I would be coming back for Name Your Price Fridays (which are also a real thing, btw).

  6. That just gives me hope for this world. I love the Promise Book!

  7. Reading this on a dreary, damp day just made me feel like sunshine had popped through the screen. I'm so glad you told us about the Promise Book.

  8. This is a pretty cool thing, if you think about it. That reliance on honesty, basically something that's like a handshake deal, doesn't happen anymore. And that is sad that we are at that point where mostly we just can't trust people. Or take them at their word. I'm a fan of this, and really like the D-Promise book idea too! Thanks for posting, Kim.


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