Friday, April 22, 2011

Free Coffee, Twenty Five, and e-Pharmony.

I'm feeling a bit list-y today, so here we go.
  • Last night, I decided (after seeing another one of their commercials) that we need a version of e-Harmony for patients to be matched up with doctors. We could call it... e-Pharmony? You'd be matched up on dimensions of healthcare compatibility, like "bedside manner", "actually listens to me", "will reward progress with high fives and exploding fist bumps", and "takes my insurance/Medicaid/I can afford you".
  • This weekend, my diabetes turns 25. (Does that mean the cost of my health insurance will go down? No? Darn.) I'm planning to celebrate that at least a couple of times this weekend - more on that next week.
  • And in honor of that milestone, I got a hold of my hospital records at diagnosis. More on that later, too.
  • One of the JDRF volunteers I met at JDRF Government Day has written a guest post over at the Diabetes Social Media Advocacy site, and is looking for input on how JDRF can help adults with type 1 - would you have some time to go over and check it out, and leave a comment with your thoughts? (She's totally a rockstar!)
  • And finally - in celebration of Earth Day, head over to Starbucks with your own mug and get yourself some free coffee. I'll be there - maybe more than once. :)


  1. Your post made me laugh...I like your e-Pharmony idea! You can also get a free mug of coffee if you live near a Nordstrom and visit their e-bar. :)

  2. Your diabetes is as old as me! ZOMG!

  3. I absolutely LOVE the e-Pharmony idea. Somebody really needs to get on that!

    And Happy Diaversary!!

  4. I love the e-Pharmony idea!!! The best thing I have ever found is this: but your idea sounds WAY better. I would love to also get my hands on my hospital stay papers...we know so much more now than we did then and it would be interesting to see how my numbers were etc.

  5. Trust you are going to submit your records, from diagnosis, to the Joslin Clinic so you can get that 25-year award certificate! I did that 14 years ago, and I'm glad I did.

  6. Hi! I've given you a blog award :D Come and grab it from my blog:


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