Monday, June 23, 2014

MasterLab / #CWDFFL14.

Next week is going to be one big blur of diabetes advocacy and emotions (and being without my kid for a whole week) (cue more emotions) so please leave a message kthanks BEEP.

By way of a scholarship* (immense gratitude as I wouldn't be able to attend either of these events without a scholarship's help), I'll be at the Diabetes Advocates MasterLab event and then the Children With Diabetes Friends For Life conference in Orlando, FL. And then because I really love a three-pronged challenge we will also be exhibiting the You Can Do This Project during FFL's exhibit hall hours.

MasterLab is on Wednesday. The exhibit hall also opens on Wednesday. Stress; I haz it.

Luckily I have some great friends and advisory team members who are more than willing to make this all work out. (Are we sure that beaker in the MasterLab logo isn't actually some sort of cocktail, because a few of us may be looking for one after trying to balance all of this.)

I'm really looking forward to the MasterLab as a way to figure how to move some things forward, and also because I'll get to meet so many of my favorite fellow advocates in-person, finally. There's a special magic that happens when we get a bunch of us into the same physical space.

In relation to exhibiting You Can Do This Project, I want to say a BIG THANK YOU (imagine me waving my arms around in an exaggerated fashion while saying that) to two organizations that helped me pay for the stuff we'll be giving away at the booth:
Like so

Thank you to Asante Solutions, makers of the Snap insulin pump, for paying for 1,500 You Can Do This Project bracelets to be given out to FFL attendees. You may recall that I did a four-week trial of their insulin pump last December. They'll be at this conference and offering free trials with their insulin pump there, too.

Thanks also go to Akibah Health for covering the costs of printing flyers and magnets (we're going to have magnets!!!) to hand out. They are developing a smartphone case all-in-one glucose meter, and will also be at FFL.

These are incredibly generous gestures, considering YCDTP is not a registered non-profit (we're a grassroots thing that dreams of being an official non-profit some day) and the only way you'd know they covered the bill for these is that I'm telling you right now. No co-branded anything. No signs of recognition at the booth. Just this blog mention/disclosure and my eternal gratitude to them for stepping up in a "we'll help where you need it and then just kind of back away and let you guys do your thing" kind of way.

Hell yeah.

It's also worth mentioning that CWD very generously "upgraded" us to a booth space (instead of the table location we started out with), so we'll be sprawling out in our 10x10 area, maxin' and relaxin' and actin' all cool. Thank you thank you thank you, Jeff and Laura.

It will be a crazy week that I'm crazy thankful to be having. Let the packing procrastination commence!

*The scholarship from DA covers the cost of my flights to and from the conference, the shuttle between the airport and hotel, conference registration, and the hotel room that Sar-Bear and I will be sharing (scholarship recipients were required to room together, as part of the whole deal - I'm used to that, anyway!). FFL just wouldn't be the same if Sara and I weren't sharing a room!


  1. Why can't YCDTP become a non-profit? Sorry for the challenge, but from my far-away uneducated view, it looks like you're ready. Glad everything is coming together for next week!

  2. Well, cost (particularly cost of missing work, family, and our annual 4th of July BBQ) keeps me away, but I'm excited to hear of all the good things coming toward YCDTP! Sounds like great news all around, and lots of well-deserved ecognition from Asante , Akibah, and DA!

    (But if I may be mildly critical, you should've included an animated GIF of Kermit the Frog frantically waving his arms as he introduces The Muppet Show after the sixth paragraph. That's the mental image I've got, anyway).

  3. Kim, Kim, Kim (do I sound like Sheldon?), I would really love a bracelet, but I won't be at FFL. If you could give one for me to Kate Cornell at Master Lab (we're working on a project to be announced later) or Scott Johnson who would bring it back to Minneapolis, I would be so grateful. But if there are many others who need one more than I do, I would understand. Have a great time and thank-you for everything that you do.

    1. :D Laddie, I would love to send a few your way. I'll make sure Kate stocks up. :)

  4. It'll be madness for sure, but the good kind of madness!

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