Wednesday, June 4, 2014

How Will I Know?

How will I know if this sensor loves me?
I say a prayer with every reading
I watch the graph whenever I eat
I'm asking you why I can't just believe this thing

This sensor's new
Why do I feel weak?
How will I know?

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(Thoughts on some graphs that feel too good to be true lately. Why isn't my gut reaction to be happy for these results, instead of being skeptical of their accuracy?)


  1. Kim. Yes.

    *Not* being skeptical is an option if you're willing to be wrong and disappointed over and over again. Lately I am wearing B's old Dexcom. I keep the receiver in a green giraffe Tallygear put a hedgehog sticker right on the face of the screen. These are signals to the viewer that this is not the child's Dexcom, to avoid treatment errors. But at least once a day I look at the hedgehog one (mine) and see how awesome the line is (some kind of 80 with a straight line, unless I do something like eat an entire box of blueberries), and I think it's his and feel so pleased. Over and over and over.

    Optimism is nice, but it is healthier to be skeptical and then occasionally pleasantly surprised, I think.

  2. Question: Is there a reason that you don't have a high alert set?

    1. Answer: there is! It was annoying me. :) I appreciate that the Dexcom system lets you turn off alerts, should you want that from time to time.

  3. Yes! Especially if I've had a sensor on for awhile and no matter what I eat I'm coasting between 90 and 100 - time to pull it. Of course, there are the rare days they are accurate and I'm cured, which is not to be confused with the days that I go low no matter what I do and I'm also cured. ;)

  4. Only caught on now to the song!
    I'd thought it was simply an earnest poem.
    Extra enjoy.