Friday, June 6, 2014

Five Years.

Five years ago today, my insulin pump died and a photographer didn't show up. Oh, and I got to marry my best friend.

It was a full day.

It also taught me that one should never stuff an insulin pump under a pair of Spanx in 80+ degree heat while wearing a heavy satin gown. LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES, YOU GUYS.


  1. Happy anniversary! You look beautiful!

  2. I tried so hard to learn from your mistakes when I got married 1 1/2 years ago. After reading your story, I packed a whole bag of extra supplies, sensors, insulin, etc. on the big day. I had a fabric loop sewn into my dress so that I could clip my pump to it (hidden between my boobs). Everything went off without a hitch, until we were packing up to leave the reception. My pump let out an odd beep that I had never heard before. I ignored it for the moment as we were about to go home anyway. I get in the car and look over my pump. Apparently, after dancing the night way, I had sweat so much that some moisture had gotten into my pump and made it go berserk.

    Did I mention that I had exactly 4 hours before I had to leave the house to get on a flight to Jamaica? Cue panic NOW.

    Desperate calls to Minimed customer service. Pulled an old pump out of storage and put a battery in it--no luck. Bags of rice ensued. Midnight run to my parents' house to pick up extra syringes in case I had to go back to shots. Convinced my honeymoon is ruined for sure.

    In the end, my new husband got the old pump to fire up again (no idea how). I wore that on my honeymoon while Minimed did their best to ship me a replacement pump to Jamaica (it ended up getting held up in customs and I never received it. They instead had a replacement pump on my doorstep when I arrived home). The old pump (also a Minimed) held up for the week, but batteries would only last two days in it and every time I changed the battery it would clear all of my settings (basal rates, etc). I was SO terrified that I would be stuck in a foreign country with no pump and have to take shots of Novolog every few hours, as I had no long-acting insulin on hand (another lesson) and couldn't get my hands on any before we left.

    I just ended up getting REALLY lucky that my old pump held out for me while we were away and my BG stayed normal, so I knew it was delivering insulin as needed. Minimed customer service was AWESOME during the entire ordeal as well, as I touched base with them almost daily.

    So, D-brides to be, learn from my mistakes as well. Have long-acting insulin on hand, and try not to sweat all over your pump even if you don't place it below your Spanx and satin gown :-)

    Congrats on your anniversary!

    1. I feel like, if we could get through THIS, we can get through anything. Glad you had backups for your backups!!

  3. Happy Anniversary!

    And thanks for the warning! I'm getting married in a week, and I have a special pocket sewn onto the inner layer of my dress below my knees (it was the only place it wouldn't look weird). A phone call to Medtronic got me a few spare infusion sites with the extra long tubing. That was really nice of them since I usually use infusion sites with short tubing. Hopefully, my pump will make it through the day! :)

  4. HOLY MOLY! What a day!!!!
    Happy anniversary! :)

  5. Happy Anniversary to Rabbit's Mommy and Daddy!!! :D

  6. Happy anniversary, beautiful people!

  7. Happy Anniversary! I'm late! So sorry! I really enjoy your page!

  8. Happy anniversary, you kids!

  9. Happy anniversary, thanks for sharing!

  10. Aww, I'm a little late but Happy Anniversary!!

  11. GORGEOUS PHOTO! happy anniversary!

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