Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Twenty Eight.

It doesn't seem quite possible that it has been this long
Since my immune system and pancreas got it so wrong.

My beta cells keep dying so I wear this pump, you see
It looks so simple but isn't - the math is up to me.

Every day I count, I track, I dose, I worry, I guess
I wear the stuff; I eat the things; I try to do my best

But sometimes diabetes, it has its own agenda
Enigma wrapped inside a mystery, this contend(ah).

How do I bolus for stress? What's the ratio for grief?
The intangibles swarm invisible; flaunting their teeth.

Then again, when things go well and efforts don't seem fruitless
Pancreatic skills degrade; a diabetes hubris.

This means I must stay vigilant; my experience shows
"In range" is often just a rest stop between highs and lows.

This day won't look too flashy but here I'll commemorate
That today marks when my diabetes turns twenty-eight.


  1. Happy diaversary! You are 10 years ahead of me - hope that doesn't make you feel too old ;)

  2. Happy Diaversary! Love the ode to your 28 years with T1.

  3. Your poetry always makes me tear up. So beautiful. I tip my hat to you and your 28 years.

  4. Happy Diaversary - Go out and celebrate like it's 1986!

  5. Congratulations... 28 is quite a milestone!

  6. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!!!

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  8. I hope you're making it special!

  9. Happy Diaversary!! You deserve to celebrate.


  10. 28 years - a lot to commemorate indeed

  11. Happy diaversary, Kim. Great poem, and my absolute favorite line was ""In range" is often just a rest stop between highs and lows". So so true!!


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