Thursday, April 10, 2014


If you're up for seeing what a real life day with diabetes is like (or, at least, what it looks like through tweets), there are several people using the hashtag #dayofdiabetes today to document every interaction with their devices, every medication decision, every pump or CGM alarm, every thought of "did I actually bolus for breakfast?".... you get the idea.

It's a small glimpse into what goes into managing diabetes every day, but it's a start. (The last time I did a #dayofdiabetes was while I was pregnant - it's a trip to look back at that day. I love being able to archive stuff like that. Yay internet! I'll be Storifying today's entries too, assuming I remember my Storify password...) UPDATE: Here's the link:

Follow the fun on Twitter by watching the hashtag, and find the archived tweets later on on the Day of Diabetes Tumblr site.

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