Saturday, January 25, 2014

In Your Pancreas.

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I feel so lost, sometimes
Days pass, and this insulin fills my cart
When I want to exercise
I end up eating carbs
Every time I test, I go
"There must be a better way to know"

My low symptoms; will they return?
New devices I'll have to learn
They make a noise I try to hide
I struggle with how it feels on the inside

But I'm fine
Beta cells might 
Have all died
(But who's complete?)
I'll be fine
I see a closed loop, and a thousand researchers
(Cure in five?)
The resolution in these badass advocates
Okay, not fine
But I see the light and the heat
In these guys
No math, please, while we eat
We want to have the chance
To be complete in our eyes

I don't like to feel so much pain
Test strips, wasted - and this error 4 keeps beeping at me
I get so tired, working so hard for my survival
I wish for a time where I can just be alive

To my eyes
I can't believe
Over twenty five
Years with this... sheet
I see a better answer to Google searches
No disguise!
We share ourselves; all the low-carb lunches
(Or french fries)
We tweet it all, and we see
We're not alone; on the same team
It helps us feel more complete
The same team; the same team
The burden is no longer all mine
Not all mine, not all mine
Not all mine, not all mine


  1. I see your pump has been updated in your drawings! :P

  2. OH. MY. GOURD.

    singing along in my head as i scrolled, i loved it all but most especially

    The resolution in these badass advocates



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