Tuesday, January 7, 2014

HONcode Certified.

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...I'm very proud to say that Texting My Pancreas is now HONcode certified.

Woop woop!

What that means (this is taken from the HONcode website):
The HONcode certification is an ethical standard aimed at offering quality health information. It demonstrates the intent of a website to publish transparent information. The transparency of the website will improve the usefulness and objectivity of the information and the publishment of correct data. 
Sites applying for certification and sites already certified undertake to respect the HONcode and the requirements for certification.
This certification required several edits and elaborations to my disclosure policy, including the addition of a privacy policy. If you're interested in what the ground rules are on TMP from now on, go have a read.

Nothing about what I do here is changing because of this certification, except for the addition of a neat-o badge on the right sidebar and a well-explained re-commitment to being as transparent as possible.

I'd encourage anyone who blogs their own health story to apply for HONcode certification. We can be official together!

(P.S. Thanks to Bennet at YMDV for the nudge - HONcode certification is something I'd always intended to go through the process of applying for, but kept procrastinating. But no more!)

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