Thursday, January 23, 2014

Channeling My Inner DMom.

Some parents who have children with diabetes say they read the blogs of adult PWDs to get a glimpse of what their child's future may be like. They also read to learn how diabetes may fit into an adult's life, and find solutions to what their child may be struggling with.

Well, right back at you guys.

A lot of my carb counting falls into the "carb guessing" category, even when nutritional information is provided on the packing. (I KNOW.) For some reason, when I bought these particular snacks I decided - hey, I should probably count these out from the get-go and put them in marked baggies so I can measure something more accurate than "I ate a handful".

We learn (and sometimes, remember what we should have been doing all along) from you all, too.


  1. I really REALLY want to mail you some special little baggies made just for people like us. They are ADORABLE (wee!) and your inner D-mom will LOVE them. If you want you can fb me your mailing address but if that's too crazy, I'll understand.

  2. I have been doing the same thing. I also got the idea from a D parent. It's such a great idea. They don't give themselves nearly enough credit for being so dang smart.

  3. Why haven't I thought of this before?? Usually I'm almost OCD in my organization, you'd think that would translate over to my T1D life.


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